UniCredit Fuhrparkmanagement’s Fleet Driver App
Fleet management to go: the Fleet Driver App

  • Rapid emergency aid and non-bureaucratic processing of accidents and breakdowns
  • Preliminary damage report, including photos
  • Partner network to tyre dealers, petrol stations and garages with 24/7 appointment services
  • Vehicle and contract information always to hand
  • Quick requests for important documents or new fuel cards
  • Information from the moment of receipt of the vehicle to vehicle return

“We are putting an end to unnecessary stress in the event of accidents and breakdowns. No more tiresome searching for contact details, vehicle information and forms for damage reports in the vehicle folder,” explains Herbert Prazak, Head of Fleet Operations & Remarketing at UniCredit Fuhrparkmanagement. “Company vehicles should make work easier and increase efficiency. We support drivers to this end by making tiresome tasks involved in processing accidents and breakdowns, such as searching for the correct petrol station or scheduling appointments for changing tyres, significantly easier.” UniCredit Fuhrparkmanagement’s new Fleet Driver App makes all this possible.

Personalised vehicle and contract information available at any time
All the driver needs to do is simply log in to the app, which is available on iOS and Android, and the following information regarding the respective vehicle will be available: Licence plate, vehicle identification number, tyre dimensions and contract-specific information, such as the agreed mileage.

Navigation and appointment scheduling with partner companies
Searching for the nearest petrol station that is suitable for the relevant fuel card or scheduling an appointment for the next service and tyre change are not only time-consuming, but can also get on your nerves. The Fleet Driver App shows the nearest suitable petrol station and automatically sends this information to the smartphone’s navigation. In addition, the driver can easily choose the desired partner company in the app and directly book an appointment for services, tyre changes or body damage repair work via the app.

Order important documents directly online
Important documents, such as a Green Card or a copy of the vehicle registration certificate, may be ordered directly in the Fleet Driver App and then delivered by post.

Everything to hand should anything happen
In the event of an accident or a breakdown, the driver is usually under a lot of stress and communicating with the emergency personnel, or searching and filling out forms for the damage report can be an additional burden in this situation. The Fleet Driver App significantly alleviates this burden in terms of these administrative activities. Not only are all emergency numbers clearly available in the app and can be dialled directly via the smartphone, but the app also fills out a preliminary damage report with the vehicle data and location. The driver only has to mark the damages in the app and can directly send photos taken with the smartphone using the online damage report. If the vehicle can no longer be driven, immediate assistance can be requested via the assistance service provider.

More information on UniCredit Fuhrparkmanagement’s Fleet Driver App can be found on the following link: https://www.unicreditleasing.at/fuhrparkmanagement/service-fahrer-app

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