“Just-in-Case”: protection against financial damage caused by cybercrime

  • The “Just-in-Case” protection package protects all accounts, savings accounts and securities accounts that are used privately in online banking against financial damage caused by cybercrime
  • Damages up to €50,000 even in cases of gross negligence, with no deductible
  • Compensation irrespective of whether the damage resulted from the account holder or other authorised signatories
  • No waiting period – protection for €1.74 per month starts from the moment of subscription

The internet is an indispensable part of modern society. Online shopping and internet banking have become increasingly popular. However, this means that more and more criminal activities are taking place online. Cybercrime in the form of phishing attacks and the infiltration of malware is one drawback of this development.

UniCredit Bank Austria is taking this trend into account and now offers all customers the opportunity to protect their accounts and securities accounts that they use in online banking with its new protection package “Just-in-Case”.

“For only €1.74 per month, we are offering an innovative and easy opportunity to protect yourself against financial damage from cybercrime, up to €50,000 per claim,” says Markus Kosche, Head of Sales for Private Customers, Small Business and Independent Professions for UniCredit Bank Austria. “The protection package is effective immediately upon completion, applies even in cases of gross negligence, and can be terminated within a month.”

Protecting all products in online banking, even in cases of gross negligence
For only €1.74 per month, less than the cost of parking for one hour in Vienna, customers can protect all their accounts, savings accounts and securities accounts that they use privately in online banking, including the relevant clearing accounts held with UniCredit Bank Austria, against financial damage up to €50,000 caused by cybercrime, even in cases of gross negligence. It therefore does not matter whether the damage was caused by the customer, or by another authorised signatory or authorised representative.

All-round protection without a waiting period
With “Just-in-Case” protection, there is no waiting period. Products are protected immediately upon signing the written agreement, and customers may conveniently access online banking using their TAN. “Just-in-Case” lasts for one month and is subsequently automatically renewed by an additional month. If the protection is no longer required, it can be terminated at any time. The insurance coverage is then valid until the next monthly fee is due.

More information on the online banking protection package “Just-in-Case” can be found at the link below:

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