Find the right funding for companies at the touch of a button with the
Online Funding Finder from UniCredit Bank Austria

  • The new interactive Funding Finder from UniCredit Bank Austria is a digital solution for Austrian companies to obtain a quick overview amid the jungle of funding opportunities
  • Companies can, for example, gain funding from the EIF, aws or OeKB – funding worth billions is readily available to Austrian companies
  • As the leading corporate bank, UniCredit Bank Austria offers a unique range of digital services for companies, providing simplicity, speed and security

As the leading corporate bank and number one 1  for investment financing and funding, UniCredit Bank Austria is launching a new Online Funding Finder today: An innovative tool designed to make it easier for companies to search for potential funding for their projects in the planning phase. Funding from aws, OeKB and the EIF totalling several billions of euros is readily available to Austrian companies. The Online Funding Finder is a simple digital solution to give clients a quick overview of the key funding opportunities available. It takes just a few clicks to display suitable funding.

“Digitisation is progressing rapidly in the corporate client segment in particular. As the leading business bank, we are supporting our clients through a wide range of digital services. We are the preferred partner when it comes to funding consultancy and export financing, and with our new interactive Funding Finder, we are offering the perfect digital solution to gain a quick overview amid the jungle of funding opportunities”, says Susanne Wendler, Area Head Corporate Clients at UniCredit Bank Austria. The funding system is complex. Businesses are also often unaware of the vast number of options available, such as different types of funding, subsidies, liabilities and low-interest loans.

Find the right funding at the touch of a button
The user simply has to enter a few key items of information – the size of the company, the sector, the investment project and the preferred form of financing or funding. The Funding Finder searches through the key funding opportunities to find suitable solutions. The results are displayed within seconds. With just one more click, the user can then be forwarded to an optional personal consultation. “The Online Funding Finder shows what opportunities are available, and in the personal consultation we find the right mix of financing and funding for our clients. If companies are investing, the financing should of course be as favourable as possible”, says Susanne Wendler.

In Austria, one out of every two businesses involved in foreign trade relies on UniCredit Bank Austria's funding advice and expertise. In 2016, one out of every two export credits covered and refinanced by OeKB was administered by UniCredit Bank Austria. UniCredit Bank Austria is also a leading partner for intermediary services for aws liabilities, ERP fund loans and OeKB guarantees.

Moreover, UniCredit Bank Austria is the only bank in Austria to offer corporate clients a European Investment Fund (EIF) guarantee facility. The amount still available to innovation- and research-oriented SMEs from this programme is €120 million. Companies receive very low-cost additional collateral from the EIF. The bank passes on the cost advantages derived from the collateral in full to its clients.

Digital services for companies
As Austria’s leading corporate bank, UniCredit Bank Austria is helping its clients with digitisation. “With our unique range of digital services, we provide simpler procedures, speed and security for companies”, states Susanne Wendler. “Another new service we are launching soon for our clients is an online platform for supply chain finance. This will enable companies to optimise payment terms and therefore their working capital”, adds Susanne Wendler. UniCredit Bank Austria, together with the Centre for Public Administration Research, is also currently developing digital tools for public authority clients to assist with analysing and planning municipal budgets and infrastructure financing.

UniCredit counts on digitization as a key criterion for the transformation and development of the entire group. Group-wide UniCredit will invest an amount of €1.6 billion in IT and in digital innovation till 2019. UniCredit Bank Austria’s clients will also benefit from these investments.

The fact that UniCredit Bank Austria’s digital tools – for example the enterprise value calculator, the industry check and a wide range of finance and liquidity planning solutions – are used constantly at many companies shows how effective they are. In addition to offering classic services and functions from electronic banking through to complex cash management solutions, the bank also supports its clients in e-commerce. This ranges from giving advice on developing and optimising existing online shops and online payment systems through to ems payment processing and e-identification.

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1 By transaction volume and market share (source: OeKB, EIF, BA Economic Research 9/2016).