UniCredit Bank Austria launches campaign featuring Dominic Thiem

  • The new advertising campaign and TV sports featuring Dominic Thiem promote UniCredit Bank Austria's innovative digital solutions
  • Be it fingerprint login or photo transfers, the  "Schnell-mehr-Geld" function or the "Send money to mobile phone contacts" function that will be rolled out in August – customers of Bank Austria have exclusive advantages
  • The campaign featuring Dominic Thiem is launched in TV, on posters, in print media, in the branches, and online

The major advertising campaign featuring Bank Austria Brand Ambassador and shooting star of the international tennis world Dominic Thiem is being launched. As announced before, UniCredit Bank Austria will realise a cross-media campaign and make use of all modern channels of communication. These will range from TV spots to print media to social media with campaigns on online portals and on Facebook and other important social networks. Besides, Mr Thiem will also appear in the branches.

Christian Noisternig, Area-Head for Private Customers, Corporate Customers and Independent Professions at UniCredit Bank Austria, underlines that "Dominic Thiem perfectly embodies our next-generation banking and he is a through and through authentic figure. He represents our products and services in a highly credible way that perfectly fits his personal needs and makes his life easier. As a result we have created a clear win-win situation for our advertising partnership."

The campaign promotes the new and partially exclusive features of the Bank Austria MobileBanking app and the "Mobile Wallet" app, including the fingerprint login and photo transfers, as well as the "Schnell-mehr-Geld" function ("More Money Fast") and the exclusive feature "Send money to mobile phone contacts" which Bank Austria will roll out in mid-August.

The TV spot plays with the idea that mobile banking is capable of awakening people's enthusiasm and passion just like a high-class tennis match. In the spot, Dominic Thiem is presented in a sold-out tennis stadium. He is delighting the audience – not by playing tennis but by settling transactions on a tablet.

"At Bank Austria we have one passion: Banking. But as we know that our customers prefer doing other things, we are developing solutions that are simple and fast – and allow our customers to devote themselves to their real passion," says Andrea Schmitz-Dohnal, Head of Marketing at UniCredit Bank Austria.

A photo is sufficient
UniCredit Bank Austria is the first Austrian bank to offer photo transfers. Customers of UniCredit Bank Austria can now use their smartphone to conveniently pay paper invoices, reminders and payment slips with just a few clicks. All they have to do is take a photo of the document – the app does the rest. Using artificial intelligence, the software recognises all the necessary information on an invoice and automatically completes the transfer form. Laborious typing of the payment-related data is no longer necessary. The payment is then approved – as normal – by entering a TAN.

The Mobile Wallet
"Schnell-mehr-Geld" function ("More Money Fast") allows card limits to be raised at shops in just seconds, so even larger payments can be made by smartphone. Bank Austria is the first Austrian bank to roll out the practical feature "Send money to mobile phone contacts" in mid-August. It will thus once again prove its innovation lead. The feature makes it possible to send money to or request money from mobile phone contacts in real-time. The feature only requires the contact's phone number that has to be registered once – it does not require an IBAN or card number.

Client: UniCredit Bank Austria
Marketing: Andrea Schmitz-Dohnal
Agency: Young & Rubicam, Wien
Film production: Tony Petersen Film GmbH, Berlin
Director: Bode Brodmüller
Photographer: Stefan Leitner

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Matthias Raftl, Tel.: +43 (0) 50505 - 52809
E-Mail: matthias.raftl@unicreditgroup.at