UniCredit Bank Austria is offering wealth management service starting from EUR 50,000

  • Successful investment, even in times of low-interest rates, thanks to the in-depth market expertise of UniCredit Bank Austria Private Banking and active wealth management
  • Two new investment models and fixed flat-rate expenses for every type of investor:
    • VermögensManagement Premium with three different risk levels
    • UNIVERS support model enables customers to personally make investment decisions without having to worry about transaction costs
  • 100 investment experts providing advice to customers throughout Austria

“In the current low-interest rate environment, an increasing number of investors are looking for alternatives to traditional savings methods because they no longer generate any returns above the rate of inflation. Consequently, there is growing demand for active wealth management which we are now offering all our customers through our new VermögensManagement Premium service from an investment sum of just EUR 50,000”, said Robert Zadrazil, CEO of UniCredit Bank Austria. “This ensures that our customers invest in much more attractive asset classes which offer substantially better yield opportunities. In the past this service and this investment expertise were solely reserved for private banking customers with freely available assets of EUR 500,000 or more.”

The UNIVERS support model from UniCredit Bank Austria also enables its customers, from an investment sum of EUR 70,000, to personally make their investment decisions in close cooperation with the UniCredit Bank Austria investment experts in a completely flexible manner, i.e. without any transaction costs. In both models low fixed flat-rate expenses ensure that no additional costs are incurred when the investment is changed.

VermögensManagement Premium – active wealth management starting from EUR 50,000
“Investment funds are a simple, transparent and very flexible way for our customers to utilise the opportunities on international finance markets”, said Christian Noisternig, Head of the department Private Customers, Corporate Customers and Independent Professions at UniCredit Bank Austria. “In our VermögensManagement Premium service we also offer active management of customers’ investments by our experts. They can quickly change the assets to the most attractive areas in order to compensate for fluctuations and make use of an increase in value from other asset classes.”

In the VermögensManagement Premium service customers first define their risk inclination contractually, but leave the specific investment decisions to the UniCredit Bank Austria team of experts. Thanks to regular, clear reporting together with an online tool, customers can keep close watch on the status, structure and growth of their investment 24 hours a day.

UNIVERS – continuous portfolio optimisation and expert support
“It has been shown that many customers do normally neither have enough time nor the market information required to react quickly and flexibly on international finance markets, but that they still want to make the final decision themselves regarding their investments”, said Christian Noisternig.

UniCredit Bank Austria is offering the new UNIVERS service model to precisely this group of customers from an investment volume of EUR 70,000. In this case customers receive active advice through the separately developed risk-yield analysis and a classification of their personal risk inclination, but take their investment decisions themselves. For this purpose, they receive extensive information, market analyses and a regular comparison of customer investments with a reference portfolio which corresponds to their chosen risk inclination and reflects the market opinion of the UniCredit Bank Austria experts.

Transparent fixed flat-rate expenses in order to focus entirely on investment success
In both investment models investment decisions are made totally independently of individual transaction costs according to transparent fixed flat-rate expenses which depend on the particular risk inclination and are comparable with customary management fees in the industry. The flat-rate expenses cover all deposit and account fees. No additional issuing premiums or transaction expenses (except external expenses) are incurred. Any portfolio commissions received by the bank reduce the charged flat-rate expenses.

Wealth creation and preservation in a low-interest environment
“It can generally be said that the times are over in which people could deposit their money in a savings account and watch it grow”, emphasised Christian Noisternig. “Whereas in 1990, for example, you needed just under twelve years to double your savings balance with annual savings interest rates of between seven and eight per cent, the corresponding time period would now be around 400 years. The savings interest rates are also below the rate of inflation. Investors must therefore switch to higher-yield investment classes, but also more risky investment classes in order to maintain the purchasing power of their capital.”

UniCredit Bank Austria is employing 100 investment experts throughout Austria to give advice on wealth management and furnish the UNIVERS service. These experts are either based locally at branches or can be consulted during a video conference with the branch.

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