UniCredit Bank Austria launches investment initiative for Austrian businesses

  • UniCredit Bank Austria’s ”Unternehmerbank” makes financing available to Austrian firms on historically favourable terms to exploit the current economic upturn
  • Unparalleled support from the funding consultancy service, helping businesses benefit from EIF, aws and OeKB funding for refinancing their investments and export business on favourable terms
  • A leading provider in central and eastern Europe, with a global presence that includes the USA and China
  • Flexible model of consultancy via video

UniCredit Bank Austria’s ”Unternehmerbank”, led by Susanne Wendler, Head of the corporate client division at UniCredit Bank Austria, is launching an investment initiative for Austrian businesses on historically favourable terms. The current upturn in the business cycle combined with an expanding Austrian economy, which according to Bank Austria analysis is growing at its fastest rate in more than five-and-a-half years, is also boosting demand for business financing. “We provide a wide range of products to support businesses, such as financing, funding consultancy and our unique consultancy tools”, says Susanne Wendler. “We are now seeing much more interest in investment and, in addition, more production facilities are being built abroad. The number of company takeovers under consideration has escalated, but these are primarily happening abroad and require our experts’ in-depth knowledge when it comes to the structuring of risks and funding.”

On the one hand, UniCredit Bank Austria is the only bank in Austria to offer businesses a European Investment Fund (EIF) guarantee facility. The amount still available to innovation- and research-oriented SMEs from this programme is 160 million euros. Businesses receive very low-cost additional collateral from the EIF. The bank passes on the cost advantages derived from the collateral in full to its clients. Consequently, loans can be provided on very favourable terms.

Funding consultancy and export financing
On the other hand, UniCredit Bank Austria provides a one-stop service to Austrian businesses for funding consultancy and export financing. As well as being a leading provider in central and eastern Europe, UniCredit also has a global network that covers the USA and Asia. UniCredit Bank Austria’s services include a customised product and consultancy range in China, where it has a presence in the country’s most important economic hubs. As Susanne Wendler points out: “The risks associated with foreign trade are on the rise, and so the assumption of risk by different insurers and OeKB is an important factor. In view of current developments, businesses are increasingly seeking to hedge interest rates.”

In Austria, one out of every two businesses involved in foreign trade relies on UniCredit Bank Austria’s expertise. In 2016, one out of every two export credits covered and refinanced by OeKB was administered by UniCredit Bank Austria. UniCredit Bank Austria is also a leading provider of intermediary services for aws liabilities, ERP funds and OeKB guarantees.

The funding system is complex and the formalities associated with the application process can prove daunting. Businesses are also often unaware of the vast number of options available, such as different types of funding, subsidies, liabilities and low-interest loans. As Austria’s leading business bank, UniCredit Bank Austria’s “Unternehmerbank” smooths the path to funding for businesses.

“We illustrate the options and find the right mix of financing and funding for our clients”, says Susanne Wendler. “Our express aim is to present our business clients with the right set of options for their particular circumstances, tailored to their requirements, and provide them with the most beneficial packaged solutions. In addition, with our European Investment Fund guarantee facility, we can combine the advantages of local funding options with international financing options.”

Hence the renewed focus of the bank’s current investment initiative is funding consultancy. “We want to raise levels of awareness about the large amounts of unused funding”, stresses Susanne Wendler. “When businesses invest, it goes without saying that the financing should be structured as cost-effectively as possible. We are a service provider and we want to help our clients make the fullest possible use of all their options.”

Flexible model of consultancy using video
For convenience, UniCredit Bank Austria’s specialists can provide consultancy to businesses via video as well. “This lets us offer a highly flexible model of consultancy and means we are accessible from anywhere”, notes Wendler. Clients are already benefiting from the specialists’ knowledge and experience at the planning stage, thereby gaining a crucial competitive advantage.

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