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The right investment strategy with the "Anlage-Check" from Bank Austria

  • The golden years for savers are over and a broad spread is imperative for promising investments of even small assets in the current low-interest environment
  • 100 investment specialists advise customers all over Austria in order to find the right investment mix –
    on the spot or via a video during a consultation at a branch office

The golden years for savers are long since past. Due to the permanent low interest rates at present, it is now almost impossible to build up assets through traditional saving. Since inflation is higher than the interest rate, savings are worth less and less. Whereas in 1990, for example, you needed just under 12 years to double your savings balance with annual interest rates of 7 to 8 per cent, the corresponding time period would now be around 400 years. Although savings deposits offer great security because inflation is higher than the interest rate, savings are worth less and less. This means that savings deposits are losing their purchasing power. The situation is hardly likely to change in the near future. International financial experts expect the current low-interest phase to continue for a longer period of time.

Christian Noisternig, Bank Austria Head of the department Private Customers, Corporate Customers and Independent Professions, emphasises: "In times of historically low interest rates and fluctuating financial markets, the right investment strategy is necessary to attain realistic goals and maintain the value of assets. We therefore advise our customers to carry out an investment check ('Anlage-Check') with our bank so that we can formulate a personal investment strategy for them based on their different individual investment needs and objectives, and show potential for improvement in their investments."

Alternatives are required
Anyone looking for a real increase in the value of their assets will have to consider using alternatives to traditional saving and spreading their savings across different forms of investment. A large number of factors affect financial markets and market trends are propagated all over the world in a matter of seconds due to modern information technology.

If a financial investment is only based on one form of investment, you are solely dependent on how this form of investment develops. Since a good investment strategy is based on several forms of investment, assets become more stable for example. Thanks to this spread, performances of the different forms of investment can balance each other out.

Find a balanced mix
Maintaining and increasing existing assets is not an easy task at present. Christian Noisternig, Head of Private Customers, therefore makes the following recommendation: "Even in a difficult market environment, the right investment strategy can be used to find significant potential for improvement compared with a conventional investment which relies solely on savings deposits. Our 'Anlage-Check' primarily shows a balanced mix of individual forms of investment which promise appropriate success. In order to permanently ensure the purchasing power of assets, it is necessary to choose a flexible investment strategy which contains both savings products and a mixture of broadly diversified securities investments."

The right weighting of the individual forms of investment is absolutely key to the success of a financial investment and substantially reduces the risk compared with an individual investment, equalises value fluctuations in individual forms of investment and increases the yield opportunities. The objective of the Bank Austria 'Anlage-Check' is to obtain a balanced investment mix geared towards individual risk inclination and the personal needs of the investor.

Christian Noisternig concludes: "With 100 investment specialists who can be contacted either on the spot at a branch office or connected via a video for a consultation in the branch office, we help customers find the right investment mix. Thanks to this support, we have managed to attain great success this year in our advisory service and optimise a large number of investment portfolios of our customers."

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