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Bank Austria WunschKredit injecting new momentum into the Austrian market for consumer loans

  • New offer from Bank Austria - consumer loans from just EUR 1,000
  • Flexible instalments from EUR 20 can be agreed individually - matched precisely to the loan volume (maximum of EUR 50,000) and term
  • Following submission of the necessary documents and corresponding proof of creditworthiness, loan is confirmed and paid out immediately within a few minutes after signature
  • Faster verification offers maximum benefits for customers

Bank Austria is entering the Austrian market for consumer loans with an entirely new offer. The new WunschKredit enables borrowers to obtain consumer loans starting from just EUR 1,000 and with flexible instalments. The loans are confirmed and paid out immediately within a few minutes after signature. The loan term can be flexibly reduced through early repayments while full repayment of the loan is also naturally possible at any time without any complications or additional costs.

Christian Noisternig, Head of the Private Customers, Corporate Customers and Independent Professions: "Our new WunschKredit is a simple and easy way for people to fulfil their own dreams. Starting from a value of just EUR 1,000, we grant a loan with a flexible instalment plan and an individually agreed term. Thanks to new risk assessment methods, we can very quickly estimate the creditworthiness of our customers after submission of related documents and can therefore confirm the loans within a few minutes. We therefore ensure that we provide our customers each time with a suitable and affordable loan in the current low-interest environment and pay it out within a few minutes after they have affixed their signature. Our aim is to become the number one in the area of consumer loans. We are convinced that we are providing the leading offer on the Austrian market."

Consumer loans from just EUR 1,000
One new aspect in consumer financing is the starting value of EUR 1,000, i.e. simple and easy granting of favourable loans for purchases where a loan is required. This means that small requests can also be realized.

Flexible instalment Agreement
In accordance with the flexible instalment payment plan, it is possible to quickly find an affordable monthly instalment from EUR 20 that matches the possible volume and the individually definable term of the loan up to 10 years. Early repayment or adjustment of the instalment amount to changed conditions can be simply agreed at any time without any complications or additional costs.

Quick processing with immediate confirmation
On presentation of the necessary documents (primarily salary slips) and corresponding proof of the creditworthiness of the customer, the loan amount can be confirmed and paid out in just a few steps and within a few minutes after signature.
Christian Noisternig finally emphasizes: "In the current low-interest environment we offer very advantageous loan conditions and can ensure through faster verification that we are providing loans in precisely the area where they are needed and are affordable."

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