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World Fund Day on 19 April: Bank Austria launches weeks of fund advisory services

  • Focus on fund advisory services in all branches in April, also via video telephony offered through the bank’s SmartBanking services 
  • Funds can offer an attractive alternative investment in the current low interest rate environment 
  • Regularly investments with small amounts and strong impact through Bank Austria WertpapierSparen

This year sees the return of World Fun Day on 19 April for the fourth time in Austria. This will provide an opportunity for Bank Austria to demonstrate its investment advisory expertise in its branches and through video telephony available via its SmartBanking services in the Bank Austria online branch. World Fund Day is an initiative launched by the investment fund industry in Austria and organised jointly by VÖIG ("Vereinigung Österreichischer Investmentgesellschaften" – Association of Austrian Investment Management Companies) and VAIÖ ("Vereinigung Ausländischer Investmentgesellschaften in Österreich" – Association of Foreign Investment Management Companies in Austria). This year the whole month of April is marked by World Fund Day: Bank Austria and its fund partner Pioneer Investments Austria will increasingly focus on presenting their expertise during World Fund Day advisory service weeks. Interested customers making use of investment advisory services in Bank Austria in April will receive two Illy coffee cups.

Investment funds – transparent and flexible
"Our activities during this period will focus on our fund services, because in the present low interest rate environment investment funds, with their diversified investment strategies, can offer interesting opportunities – for retail investors as well as for institutional investors", says Bank Austria’s CEO Robert Zadrazil.

"Investment funds provide an easy, transparent and very flexible possibility to use the opportunities available in international capital markets", explains Werner Kretschmer, CEO of Pioneer Investments Austria. Kretschmer: "The broad range of funds offers products that meet almost every investment need, depending on the investment period and the risk profile."

In the diverse range of funds the Komfort Invest funds by Pioneer Investments Austria provide an interesting possibility for many investors to benefit from the opportunities of international capital markets – depending on individual investment goals and risk tolerance. Further information about the Komfort Invest funds is available on www.komfortinvestzone.at.

Bank Austria WertpapierSparen
"'WertpapierSparen', our securities investment saving, is ideal for investing small amounts in investment funds; this is a particularly flexible arrangement", says Robert Zadrazil. Bank Austria offers "WertpapierSparen" in conjunction with a wide range of funds. Investors can make constant monthly investments in bond funds, equity funds or mixed funds with amounts starting at EUR 40. Our advisors put together an investment portfolio that is tailored to the customer’s specific risk profile.

Why has 19 April been chosen as the date of World Fund Day?
This is the fourth year in which 19 April is celebrated as World Fund Day in Austria. The date was carefully chosen: Adriaan van Ketwich, a merchant born in Amsterdam on 19 April 1744, became the first man to bring together in 1774 a large number of investors to make joint investments. The investors placed their money in something that resembled a fund called Eendragt Maakt Magt (unity makes strong). The fund invested in bonds issued by various governments, in banks and in loans in West India. Van Ketwich realised that broad risk diversification is a key criterion of successful investment. Thus the basic concept of investment funds was born.

Bank Austria Media Relations
Matthias Raftl, Tel. +43 (0) 50505-52809
E-Mail: matthias.raftl@unicreditgroup.at

Pioneer Investments Austria
Andreas Nurscher, Tel.+43 (0)1 33173-2202
E-Mail: andreas.nurscher@pioneerinvestments.com

The prospectuses and the information for investors in accordance with § 21 AIFMG as well as the Key Investor Information Documents (KIID) for all funds publicly offered by Pioneer Investments Austria in Austria are available for free in German at http://www.pioneerinvestments.at.

The above information is a marketing communication and does not constitute an offer, a recommendation to buy or sell, or an investment analysis. The information in particular is not intended to replace specific investment advice or other advice. Investors should only make an investment after having received advice. Past performance is not a guide to the future performance of investment funds, indices or markets.

1) valid in April 2016, while stocks last