Offers for World Savings Day at Bank Austria:
The attractive VorteilsSparen with extra interest rate for the KünstlerSparbuch savings book and the Fitness Check for investment forward planning

  • Combined with a selected product in the field of home savings, finance, insurance or security investments, special interest rates beckon at Bank Austria when saving
  • KünstlerSparbuch – available while stocks last – and modern Erfolgs-Kapital fix come with 0.75 per cent interest p.a. under the VorteilsSpar offer (minimum deposit of EUR 500, no more than EUR 50,000)
  • The Limited edition of popular KidsCard offers a fixed interest rate of 3 per cent p.a. until 31 December 2016 on a credit balance of up to EUR 1,000 with a Fix & Foxi design and a Fix & Foxi DVD
  • "Fitness check for your money" designed to check individual savings, investment and pension plans, thereby enabling forward planning
  • 35 percent discount for "Mozart! The Musical" tickets after completing a "fitness check”"
  • Planning ahead: purchasing one of the selected life insurance products at ERGO Versicherung*) means Bank Austria customers receive a 2016 passenger car motorway vignette
  • Attractive gifts – such as a Carrera toy car or a Barbie doll – on offer until 30 November 2015 with Wüstenrot reduced-premium home saving contracts, subject to minimum payments

Anyone opting for a Bank Austria product from the field of home savings, finance, insurance or securities investments can also benefit from excellent interest conditions on their savings around World Savings Day. The KünstlerSparbuch – limited edition, available while stocks last – and the modern ErfolgsKapital fix provide interest of 0.75 percent p.a. over a term of 24 months as part of the VorteilsSpar offer (minimum deposit of EUR 500, no more than EUR 50,000). Without the VorteilsSpar offer (minimum deposit of EUR 500) the interest is 0.375 percent p.a. with a term of 19 months. The traditional KünstlerSparbuch this year bears the "Self-portrait with yellow lilies" motif by Natalja Gontscharowa. The picture can be seen at the Bank Austria Kunstforum in the "Love in Times of Revolution" exhibition, which will run from 14 October 2015 to 31 January 2016.

"On the occasion of World Savings Day we have put together an attractive package with our VorteilsSpar offer in combination with other products", emphasised Helmut Bernkopf, Bank Austria Management Board member with responsibility for retail and corporate customers. "Because one thing is clear, in today’s low-interest environment many of our customers are seeking more promising add-ons to traditional savings products. These can be found with securities, in the shape of the attractive Komfort Invest fund of Pioneer Investments Austria. In this context, WertpapierSparen is the ideal way to invest in funds, even with small amounts. For pension planning we have some very attractive offers with different insurance products of ERGO Versicherung*). Home savings with reduced premiums remain a popular way to save, and can be worthwhile even with small amounts of just EUR 25 per month. If required we subject the entire investment to a 'fitness check' in order to achieve forward planning and a balanced interaction between various savings, investment and pension solutions."

Further savings products include the Vorteils-ErfolgsCard, up to no more than EUR 50,000 with fixed daily VorteilsSpar interest of 0.625 percent p.a. until 30 June 2016, and the limited edition KidsCard. The KidsCard offers a fixed interest rate of 3 per cent p.a. until 31 December 2016 on a credit balance of up to EUR 1,000 with a Fix & Foxi design and free Fix & Foxi DVD.

Fitness Check for investments
Around World Savings Day, Bank Austria is offering a "fitness check for your money", a rather special service. Particularly in times of low interest it is important for investments to be on solid foundations. The fitness check involves an analysis of the investment’s current status before Bank Austria’s investment experts go into more detail as to how the investment is presently structured – from various savings forms through insurance to securities investments. Tailored to your personal risk approach, Bank Austria then moves on to make a personal investment proposal. Ensuring broad diversification is important here because a good investment strategy is built on many investment categories, thereby lending the investment more stability.

35 percent discount for "Mozart! The Musical"
Everyone who has completed a Fitness Check can buy two tickets with a 35 percent discount for selected performances of "Mozart! The Musical" through the Bank Austria Ticketing System, during the special offer period from 21 September to 15 November 2015 in the VIP to D categories. The reduced-price tickets for the musical can be obtained during the special offer period at Bank Austria branches and at the online ticket shop ticketing.bankaustria.at.

WertpapierSparen as a promising alternative
Alongside traditional savings, WertpapierSparen offers more promising alternatives with investment funds. Helmut Bernkopf: "WertpapierSparen is the ideal way to invest in funds, even with small amounts, and stands out by means of its flexibility. The earnings opportunities of the selected fund can be harnessed even with regular monthly payments from EUR 40. Depending on individual needs there are two options to choose from with WertpapierSparen: The WertpapierPlan is designed for regular saving with one security, while the WertpapierDauerauftrag on a securities account is designed for regular saving with one or more securities at the same time."

Car motorway vignette upon buying selected life insurance products
When purchasing a new reduced-premium pension product (VorsorgePlus-Pension), the flexible pension product PensionsManagement, a Capital Classic with or without insurance protection (Tariffs C, II EL), unit-linked life insurance LifeInvest-Plus or JuniorCare from ERGO Versicherung*) by 31 December 2015, customers receive a voucher for a car motorway vignette. With JuniorCare Bank Austria offers the ideal savings product for children. It enables parents, younger grandparents or godparents to build up funds through regular payments with guaranteed interest on the savings, special insurance protection, the ability to withdraw profits and tax benefits based on current legislation.

Attractive gifts when concluding a reduced-premium home savings contract
When concluding a dynamic, reduced-premium home savings contract from Wüstenrot during the special offer campaign until 30 November 2015, lovely gifts can be won from EUR 100 per month (or EUR 1,200 per year, EUR 7,200 as a one-off payment), such as a "Two for One" dinner voucher, an original "Fashionista Glam Party" Barbie doll or the spectacular, remote-controlled Carrera "RC Mini Turnator" toy car.

UniCredit Bank Austria Media Relations
Matthias Raftl, Tel.: +43 (0) 5 05 05-52809;
E-mail: matthias.raftl@unicreditgroup.at

*) For the insurance brokerage, UniCredit Bank Austria AG is a contracted insurance agent of ERGO Versicherung AG as an ancillary trade. GISA number: 27506127.