Start-up service baningo offers an independent banking market place online and has won Bank Austria as a partner right from the beginning

  • Selected banking advisers from various financial institutions are present on "baningo" with their specialist areas
  • Within just a few minutes customers can find a contact partner that fits their personal needs, and they can make direct contact with them
  • Bank Austria is strengthening personal consultations in its SmartBanking online branch by being included in this new platform

Since 1 September the independent "baningo" platform (www.baningo.com) has offered banking customers the chance to connect quickly, simply and free of charge with banking advisers of their choice. Advisers from different banks introduce themselves on the portal giving personal details, information about their training, their professional experience, recommendations and specialist knowledge. Once customers have found an adviser, they can contact them directly using the details provided, thereby reaching out to a personal adviser within a few minutes. There is thus a new and independent online market place for collecting and comparing various opinions on the fields of "accounts and payments", "financing and loans", "investments and forward planning" as well as "corporate customers and freelance professions" and for making direct personal contact with advisers.

Helmut Bernkopf, Bank Austria Director for Private and Corporate Customers explains why Bank Austria is one of the first partners to support "baningo": "An increasing number of customers feel at home on the virtual market, our cooperation with 'baningo' is now another example of how seriously we take participating on this market. We are the only bank in Austria to offer full-scale personal advice with video telephony via SmartBanking, thereby bringing banking advice into peoples’ living rooms and to smart-phones. Together with 'baningo' we want to anchor this advisory opportunity more strongly via our online channels. This is because we offer trendsetting services to our customers on the internet as well as in our highly modern branches."

Max Nedjelik, Co-Founder and Executive at baningo, emphasises: "We are extremely delighted that in the shape of Bank Austria we were able to win one of the most important and largest banks as our partner right from the very beginning. We were inspired by the trust as well as the innovation and implementation power of this large institution. The fundamental idea of our portal, however, is being independent. This is why we are clearly open to all institutions as a partner, and hope that we will be able to expand our network significantly in the near future."

Bank Austria recognises cooperation frameworks with small, agile companies like 'baningo' as a huge opportunity. "A country like Austria in particular really needs start-ups that offer innovative services. FinTechs such as 'baningo' are able to offer significant added value to our banking services, which we as a large bank can utilise. The banking landscape is currently in upheaval and this is why we need new gateways to place sales in many areas onto new foundations", said Bernkopf.

Alongside Bank Austria, "baningo" has also attracted Oberbank, Hypo Lower Austria and WSK as initial partners. Negotiations are ongoing with roughly a dozen other banks.

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