Bank Austria supports energy-efficiency measures of Austrian companies with billion-euro energy funding and related consulting

  • Federal energy efficiency law poses technical and economic challenges for companies
  • Bank Austria’s energy efficiency package for energy-saving investments suits every size of company and combines all-round funding consulting with tailored and favourable financing from Bank Austria’s billion-euro energy funding 
  • BusinessPlanner simulates and analyses the potential effects of energy-saving measures – Bank Austria discounts licences by EUR 1000 per company

The federal energy efficiency law targets a reduction in final energy demand of 1.125 percent by 2020. This saving is to be achieved by energy utilities, households, the federal state and businesses through energy efficiency measures. Large companies (more than 250 employees or sales in excess of EUR 50 million and total assets over EUR 43 million) are obliged to conduct energy audits every four years or introduce energy-related management systems. Provided this is technically feasible and economically acceptable, the measures targeting improved energy efficiency should be implemented, documented and reported to the national monitoring body. Small and medium-sized companies (fewer than 250 employees, sales under EUR 50 million or total assets less than EUR 43 million) can also implement and report energy efficiency measures.

Helmut Bernkopf, Bank Austria Director for Private and Corporate Customers: "The energy efficiency package is a milestone in Austrian energy policy. As a reliable financial partner of the Austrian business community we are supporting Austrian companies with their economic challenges in particular. Our energy efficiency package put together specifically for this purpose conserves resources for the environment and companies and includes comprehensive funding advice as well as the tailored preparation of an optimal financing mix. Additionally, we can provide companies of all sizes with the BusinessPlanner, a piece of financial software that simulates and analyses the effects of energy-saving measures, making them easier to plan."

It is often crucial for companies how to achieve the best possible combination of funding from different sources – especially with energy-saving investments. This is why it is important particularly in this context to have a financial partner that knows the intricate details of funding programmes at federal and provincial level. Bernkopf added: "We liaise closely with funding agencies in all federal states. Thanks to this close contact and the many instances of funding already implemented we have the know-how that can give companies a crucial advantage when applying for funding."

Together with companies and in view of possible funding, Bank Austria compiles tailored financing solutions and an optimal financing mix that also take leasing into account, amongst other things, since this form of financing that protects equity is also an option with some energy efficiency measures. Furthermore, Bank Austria is providing financing under favourable conditions with its billion-euro energy funding that can only be requested for energy efficiency measures of Austrian companies.

The BusinessPlanner, a financial planning software from Bank Austria, enables companies of all sizes to not just analyse the possible effects of their energy-saving measures but also to inject more efficiency, flexibility and transparency into their planning processes. As part of the energy efficiency package, Bank Austria supports Austrian companies by discounting the licence for the BusinessPlanner by EUR 1000 per company. More information on the BusinessPlanner and many other service tools can be found at www.servicetools.bankaustria.at

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