Earthquake victims in Nepal: Bank Austria supports Caritas disaster efforts

  • Donations can now be made in all branches, online and with mobile devices free of charge

Bank Austria is supporting Caritas disaster efforts for victims of the devastating earthquake in Nepal, and has already set up a separate donations account for people who want to show their solidarity:

Account name: Caritas Katastrophenhilfe
Reference/purpose: Erdbeben Nepal
IBAN: AT031200000696285519

The devastating earthquake in Nepal has claimed thousands of lives, with another ten thousand injured. Severe afterquakes are keeping the people in fear and terror. The local inhabitants are spending the cold nights in the open air, and the monsoon season is soon to begin, bringing with it significant rainfall. Food and water are in short supply, and many villages have no houses left standing any more. There is an urgent need for food and tents, water purification tablets, hygiene products as well as medical supplies. Infrastructure has been destroyed in some regions.

Caritas general secretary for foreign aid, Christoph Schweifer: "Now we need to provide efficient and comprehensive emergency help. Aiding the more remote regions will require patience. We thank Bank Austria for the spontaneous support with payment slips in all branches and for providing information to their employees and customers."

As part of the Caritas disaster effort, Bank Austria is accepting donation slips without any charge, as with all charity donations. Donations can also be made via OnlineB@nking, the MobileBanking App and through transfers in self-service zones of Bank Austria branches.

The latest information on the aid measures being implemented by Caritas for the earthquake victims in Nepal can be found at: https://www.caritas.at/erdbeben-nepal/

Enquiries: Bank Austria Media Relations Austria
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