Applications invited for international journalism prize "Writing for CEE 2015"

  • Submissions welcome from all round the world – prize of EUR 5,000

The "Writing for CEE" journalism award of APA - Austria Press Agency and UniCredit Bank Austria has been launched for the twelfth time. Submissions are welcome from all round the world to vie for the prize of EUR 5,000. The objective of the award is to promote debate on Central and Eastern European topics and contribute to mutual understanding.

Texts that were published between 1 August 2014 and 31 July 2015 in the printed media, radio or television are eligible for submission. Online media contributions are equally welcome. However, private internet texts such as blogs or postings are not permitted. Content-wise the submissions can deal with all aspects of life – politics, economy, everyday life, culture or art. The details on how to participate can also be found at www.apa.at/cee-award.

An international jury shall choose one winner from all the submitted entries. The winner will receive the award at an official event in November with a prominent honorary guest. In the previous year for example, German-Russian author Vladimir Kaminer was the keynote speaker.

Entries are recognised that deal with Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), support mutual understanding and overcome barriers as well as prejudices. The ten to twelve best entries are also published on the Writing for CEE website (www.apa.at/cee-award), but they can appear in brochures or books as well.

In 2014 the award went to "Spiegel" journalist Takis Würger for a report covering the fight for a Lenin statue in Ukraine. Würger is part of this year’s jury, alongside Polish journalist Pawel Bravo, communications consultant Ildiko Füredi-Kolarik, Hungarian radio journalist Julia Varadi, Bulgarian author Janina Dragostinova, Czech communications expert Milan Smid, Austrian journalist Cornelia Vospernik, head of "South East Europe Media Organisation" SEEMO, Oliver Vujovic, CEE spokesman at UniCredit Bank Austria, Tiemon Kiesenhofer, and as jury spokesperson, deputy head of the APA Foreign Affairs department, Alexandra Demcisin.

Previous honorary guests have included former German foreign minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher, first Slovenian President Milan Kucan, former Czech civil rights campaigner and subsequently foreign minister Jiri Dienstbier, East-German civil rights activist Bärbel Bohley, Czech author Pavel Kohout and former Polish Solidarnosc activist Adam Michnik.

The article in the original language, an English translation and the author’s curriculum vitae are required for entry. A translation into German is welcome, but not required. Additional information and the entry form are available online at www.apa.at/cee-award.

Enquiries: Bank Austria Media Relations International
Tiemon Kiesenhofer, Tel. +43 (0) 50505 - 56036
E-mail: tiemon.kiesenhofer@unicreditgroup.at