Bank Austria final results for the 2014 financial year

Some key positions of the financial statements 2014 are:
A net profit of 1,3838 million euros based on
• solid revenues in operative customer business despite the difficult market environment,
• decreasing operating costs due to strict cost management and
• significantly lower loan loss provisions in Austria and CEE.

A further improved direct funding ratio due to an excellent development of customer deposits and successful issuance activities (customer loans are covered by customer deposits and debt securities in issue to the extent of 116 per cent).

As well as a total capital ratio at 13.4 per cent, with a Common Equity Tier 1 capital ratio at 10.3 per cent (all according to Basel 3 transitional rules).

Bank Austria’s CEO Willibald Cernko reinforces the statement he already did during the press conference for the 2014 preliminary results: "Our net profit of EUR 1.4 billion for the full year, achieved in this demanding market environment prevailing in 2014, is a respectable performance. It is impressive proof that even in challenging times, we are on the right track and our broadly diversified business model covering 14 countries produces sustained profitability and is resilient to crises."

The Annual Report 2014 of Bank Austria was published on its website and may be downloaded at http://www.bankaustria.at/files/GB2014_EN.pdf

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