Bank Austria expands multi-channel banking for corporate customers too

  • Bank Austria Business Banking combines the comfort of an online bank with tailored advice and the services of a real universal bank 
  • Working capital and investment loans of up to EUR 50,000 can be applied for immediately online
  • Attractive conditions with Business-OnlineSparen

Small and medium-sized businesses, tradespeople and freelancers have special requirements with regard to dealing with their banking transactions. They want their bank to react flexibly, and for it to be possible to handle virtually any banking transaction anytime and anywhere. With Business Banking, Bank Austria has developed an innovative multi-channel approach that combines the comfort of an online bank with the competence of a traditional advisory bank. Companies can now apply for products online anytime and anywhere at www.firmenkunden.bankaustria.at. These range from accounts, investments and financing to leasing. Additionally, routine activities like repeat orders of printed materials (e.g. payment slips and forms) can be taken care of online.

Helmut Bernkopf, Bank Austria Director for Private and Corporate Customers: "Bank Austria has been a market leader for years with offering innovative solutions for companies. With our new Business Banking product we are now one of the first banks in Austria to offer convenient online products for corporate customers too, which combine the comfort of an online bank with the competence of a traditional advisory bank. By expanding our multi-channel banking services for corporate customers we have tailored our innovative multi-channel approach to the needs of small and medium-sized companies as well as freelancers. This takes Bank Austria another important strategic step down the path to becoming the Business Bank for the 21st century."

Business Banking for a new generation
Customers can decide which banking and communication channel to use depending on the business transaction and personal preferences wherever they currently are. Bank Austria’s new Business Banking system enables companies to manage accounts, apply for loans, invest funds, order printed materials and calculate leasing options online at any time and from anywhere. Furthermore, all payment transactions can still be handled round the clock with online banking as before. "Many businesses already prefer taking care of banking business online by themselves. They do not have to go into the branch and deal with the relationship manager, thereby saving valuable time", emphasised Bernkopf.

If advice is needed, the personal relationship managers are obviously on hand to help, either in the branch office or in a video call from the office, at home or on the go – which conveniently means you can literally be anywhere. Product specialists are brought in where needed to develop the best possible solution with the customer.

Bank Austria Business-Online products
Whether it is opening an account, drawing a loan, investing money or leasing a car: instead of heading into the corporate customer centre, selected products for corporate customers can now be applied for at www.firmenkunden.bankaustria.at as well as in BusinessNet from the office, at home or on the go: quickly, comfortably, simply, and at any time. There are several online products to choose from.

There are two Business-OnlineKredit products available. Online working capital loans can be used to finance operating expenses such as wages, goods, material expenses, etc. Up to EUR 50,000 can be applied for online, whereby the term is pending until future notice. Borrowers are free to dispose of amounts within this limit. Repayments are made using funds paid by the customer to the account from regular business activities. The interest rate is not fixed, and takes the future business situation of the customer into account.

Online investment loans enable the purchase of capital goods such as buildings, production facilities or office and business equipment. These loans are repaid with flexible capital instalments adjusted to the company’s current situation or with fixed annuities (capital and interest). The term of online investment loans is based on the amortisation period of the investment. Up to EUR 50,000 is available online with a duration of no more than 120 months. The interest rate can be variable, index-linked or fixed, and depends amongst other things on the company’s credit rating.

Attractive conditions with Business-OnlineSparen
EUR-Festgeld is a simple and convenient form of investment where the amount and the term can be adapted to individual requirements. Terms may be between 3 and 36 months. With a term of 3 months for example, deposits bear interest of up to 0.20 percent per year. With a 36-month term, the interest rate is up to 0.9 percent per year. The interest is always dependent on the invested amount. One other variant is the DispoKonto Plus, an investment account with favourable interest rates of currently 0.2 percent per year, simple administration without additional costs and easy exit options. This investment account must be opened alongside an existing account with a minimum deposit of EUR 10,000 and a term of at least 31 days per deposit.

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