Bank Austria launches "Acting together for a respectful society" initiative with Conchita Wurst

  • The objective of the "Acting together for a respectful society" initiative ("Gemeinsam für ein besseres Miteinander") is to promote an open way of interacting with one another
  • Bank Austria is supported by Conchita Wurst as testimonial in speaking up for respect, tolerance and equal treatment as well as entering into an open dialogue

With the "Acting together for a respectful society" initiative, Bank Austria is launching a dialogue with all groups of people who play a role in our society, inviting all Austrians to support an open way of interacting with one another. Willibald Cernko, Chief Executive Officer of Bank Austria: "We have launched the 'Acting together for a respectful society' initiative to underline that diversity is a key value for all of us in Bank Austria. The initiative focuses on the values of respect, tolerance and equal treatment. And who could be a better partner for this purpose than Conchita Wurst, who has supported these values with strong commitment and determination in a wider public for many years? These values are also defined in our Integrity Charter, which provides guidelines for our conduct in day-to-day activities in Bank Austria."

Conchita Wurst: "I fully support the motto 'Acting together for a respectful society'. This is exactly what I want to express. It is only through joint efforts that we can shape our future, and in doing so it is important for us to help and respect each other. I stand for love, respect and tolerance. After all, tolerance alone is not enough, respect and acceptance are also important. Love is the very essence of everything. I think it is very important for everyone to be able to be what they want to be, and not to hurt anyone. Everyone should do what they want to do, and everyone should be what they want to be. Because we all have only one life, and everyone should live in a way that is right for them."

As part of the "Acting together for a respectful society" initiative, Bank Austria is launching the website gemeinsam-miteinander.bankaustria.at and a series of videos with the motto "This is what Austria thinks", in which Austrians of all age groups who want to make contributions will be interviewed. These activities will be complemented with "Salon im Alten Rathaus", a series of events which was launched at the end of September, starting a dialogue on these topics among prominent personalities, opinion leaders and public figures. Personalities from various spheres will be interviewed and these contributions will be presented on the "Acting together for a respectful society" website.

Taking social responsibility seriously
As a leading Austrian company which takes its social responsibility seriously, Bank Austria has for many years supported various topics which are of relevance to society and social interaction:
• For its commitment to diversity in society, Bank Austria was awarded WKW’s DiversCity Prize 2012 and Meritus 2011 first prize in the "“large companies" category in respect of the "sexual orientation" dimension;
• disability management activities for people with disabilities;
• with the Bank Austria Social Prize, which totals EUR 90,000 and has been awarded in the past five years and, since the past year, at a regional level in all federal provinces of Austria;
• with the Bank Austria Art Award, totalling EUR 240,000, which has made Bank Austria the most important private sponsor of art in Austria in the years since 2010.

Bank Austria is also supporting many social organisations, including Caritas, Volkshilfe and SOS Children's Villages, which help children and young people in need and are committed to integration and migration issues. These partnerships are intended to contribute to a better mutual understanding of people with and without a migration background.

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