Bank Austria opens the most advanced branch in Austria at Vienna's new Central Railway Station

  • Bank Austria is setting new standards in the Austrian banking market with its new branch located close to the Austrian Federal Railways' headquarters at the Central Railway Station in Vienna
  • Bank Austria's future-oriented branch at the new Central Railway Station will be open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., with 24 employees serving customers

The opening of Bank Austria's new branch at Vienna's Central Railway Station is setting new standards in the Austrian banking landscape. At this highly frequented location, about 20,000 customers will be provided with advisory services by 24 highly qualified employees in a branch with a floor space of 660 square metres. Two Welcome Managers will guide customers to the services they need. The modern equipment includes two cash managers for deposits and withdrawals, five cash dispensers, five account statement printers with transfer function, four advanced information screens, fifteen areas where employees can provide advisory services, and a 7-day/24-hour safe. This means that customers can use modern banking services to meet their specific needs.

Helmut Bernkopf, member of Bank Austria's Management Board with responsibility for retail and corporate banking: "The branch we have opened at Vienna's Central Railway Station is the most advanced branch in Austria. This new-style branch even exceeds the high standards which we have already set with our new branches, showing how the bank of the future can look today. We offer next-generation banking by combining advanced technology and intensified customer services with specialised advisory teams who are available on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., with the additional possibility of involving experts in various fields via video conferencing facilities and the use of tablets. Together with SmartBanking and personal advisory services provided via video telephony, OnlineBanking and MobileBanking, the new-style branches represent our innovative service approach. Customers can choose how, where and when they wish to contact Bank Austria."

Newly designed branches were recently also opened at Zentrum Simmering in Simmeringer Hauptstrasse and at the Messecarree near Vienna's University of Economics and Business Administration in Vorgartenstrasse. Bank Austria's newly designed branch in Wiedner Hauptstrasse, which has set new standards in the banking industry, has been operational since May this year.

Moreover, Bank Austria is pioneering new arrangements in the area of opening hours of bank branches. At 30 branches in Vienna including Schwechat, the bank will offer extended opening hours from October.

Total investments exceeding EUR 100 million
Bank Austria is investing over EUR 100 million in the new branch design, technology and equipment at existing branches, and the expansion of SmartBanking. "With its first new-style branches in Vienna, Bank Austria is presenting the bank of the future. We are very proud to set new standards in banking through a package of innovative measures. Further newly designed branches will be opened at major locations in other Austrian regions. I look forward to opening our first large advisory service centres, the flagship branches in Salzburg and Mödling, in the first quarter of 2015. Based on this strategy, we aim to widen the customer base by offering a new growth perspective with the best offering available to customers in the market."

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Reproducible photographs of the new branch are available for download at www.bankaustria.at > Presse > Pressefotos. Reproduction is free of charge.