Bank Austria’s Supervisory Board renews the term of office of Willibald Cernko for another three years

The Supervisory Board of Bank Austria has passed a resolution renewing the term of office of Willibald Cernko, Chairman of the Management Board of Bank Austria, for an additional three years until September 2018. His current term runs through September 2015.

Erich Hampel, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bank Austria: "I am very pleased with the unanimous decision to renew Willibald Cernko's term of office, which ensures continuity at the top management level. Willbald Cernko has excellently addressed the diverse challenges the bank has faced since he came into office. He will continue to forge ahead with Bank Austria's conversion into a modern full-service bank, and his skilled leadership guarantees that the new business model will provide the right answers to the changes that have occurred in customer behaviour. Together with his Management Board colleagues, Willibald Cernko will lay the foundation for the continued success of our institution in its role as one of Austria's leading major banks."

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