Caritas disaster relief efforts supported by Bank Austria
Appeal to help flood victims in South-East Europe has so far raised over EUR 100,000 in donations account

Donations can be made free of charge at Bank Austria branches, online and via mobile phone

Bank Austria is supporting Caritas' disaster relief efforts for flood victims in South-East Europe and has established a donation account for people who would like to show their solidarity.

Account designation:    Caritas Katastrophenhilfe
Code/purpose:    Hochwasser Südosteuropa
IBAN:      AT031200000696285519

Customers and employees of Bank Austria have so far donated over EUR 100,000 to support the Caritas relief efforts for South-East Europe. Willibald Cernko, CEO of Bank Austria, "The situation in the flooded areas, especially in Serbia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is still dramatic. Let's continue to support Caritas in its efforts to provide quick help to people affected by the disaster."

Some three million people, including over 500,000 children, in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia are affected by the worst floods in over 100 years. About one million people have had to be evacuated. The floods have claimed more than 50 lives, a number of other people are still missing. In particular contaminated drinking water poses a serious risk; in Bosnia alone, 1.5 million people are at risk of diseases caused by contaminated water. Damage in Serbia is estimated at over one billion euros, in Bosnia and Herzegovina at several hundred million euros.
"Austrians want to support their neighbours in South-East Europe and are showing their willingness to help in a number of ways. I would like to thank them and ask for their continued help to these people in need. In the next two months, Caritas will provide 5,200 families with basic supplies. But it is clear that there is a need for sustained help," says Caritas President Michael Landau, commenting on relief efforts undertaken by Caritas.

As always in the case of charitable donations, Bank Austria accepts donation payment slips for Caritas' disaster relief efforts at its bank counters free of charge. Donations can also be made via OnlineBanking, the MobileBanking app and the transfer scanners in the self-service zones at Bank Austria's branches.

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