Bank Austria Social Prize in nine Austrian federal provinces:
Regional social projects are called on to compete for the prize

  • The Bank Austria Social Prize is awarded to outstanding regional social projects:
    any project can compete, both major, well-known initiatives and small regional initiatives
  • EUR 10,000 in prize money is allocated to each of the nine federal provinces, totalling EUR 90,000

Bank Austria has been supporting social projects for many years. There are numerous organisations and institutions in Austria whose initiatives merit support. "In line with our social responsibility we are this year awarding the Bank Austria Social Prize for the fifth time. This is now the second year in which it is awarded on a regional basis, in each of the nine federal provinces; in this context we want to present outstanding regional social projects and single them out for distinction", says Willibald Cernko, CEO of Bank Austria.

Anyone can participate – large, well-known organisations and small, regional initiatives. All participants have equal opportunity to win the prize. "We therefore invite anyone who is socially committed in some way to compete for the Bank Austria Social Prize", explains Willibald Cernko. The Bank Austria Social Prize is organized in cooperation with UniCredit Foundation, the corporate Foundation of UniCredit

Total prize money EUR 90,000
The Bank Austria Social Prize 2014 is endowed with EUR 10,000 for each of Austria's nine federal provinces. One winner is selected for each province. In addition, Bank Austria will contribute 50 cents to this amount for each KünstlerSparbuch savings book (a savings book designed by an artist) that is newly opened in 2014.

Competition details
Applicants can compete for the Bank Austria Social Prize by submitting an entry in response to the public invitation issued in this respect. Entries may be submitted until 18 May 2014.

Eligibility guidelines
The following criteria have been defined for entries, in line with the focus of Bank Austria's social commitment:
• Projects with a focus on children/young people and on integration/migration
• The project should make it possible for employees and customers of Bank Austria to play an active role in the project.

Selection procedure
The winners of the Bank Austria Social Prize 2014 will be selected in a multi-stage process with expert juries and Internet voting in each federal province. A regional jury selects the projects which are shortlisted. At the end, the regional winners are determined by a public Internet voting procedure from 14 July to 7 September 2014. Every interested person can therefore vote for a project.

The information on the invitation to compete for the prize can be viewed at www.sozialpreis.bankaustria.at.

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