Bank Austria goes on the SmartBanking offensive with David Alaba

  • Austria's Footballer of the Year is Bank Austria's new ambassador for its SmartBanking campaign
  • The shooting star embodies the new generation of young and young-at-heart mobile customers who do their banking where, when and how they want

A promising substitution at Bank Austria: In the match to win over young, Internet-savvy customers, Austria's pioneer in modern banking has an impressive acquisition to announce. David Alaba, the up-and-coming 21-year-old star of the Austrian national team, will serve as the advertising and brand ambassador for Bank Austria in 2014.

Willibald Cernko, CEO of Bank Austria, was extremely excited about Alaba's decision to sign on with the bank: "David Alaba is the perfect ambassador for our SmartBanking. He embodies the new generation of customers who see mobile services as a matter of course – regardless of their age." At the same time, he pointed out that SmartBanking stands for not only modern banking services, but also qualified banking advice. "By providing banking advice by videotelephony, we are creating a personal bank branch for every SmartBanking customer, which means that we could potentially have eight million branches for eight million Austrians."

The German championship winner and UEFA Champions League winner explained his motivation to take the field for Bank Austria as follows: "SmartBanking is the most modern banking service in Austria and offers all of the advantages you would expect from a cutting edge bank account. With my smartphone, I can carry my bank branch in my pocket and take care of my banking anywhere and anytime. And personalised advice by videotelephony is a service that’s truly smart!"

Next-generation banking
Helmut Bernkopf, the Management Board member responsible for Commercial Banking, added: "With SmartBanking, we are offering personalised customer care and high service quality. Our groundbreaking apps, extended SmartBanking business hours and advice by videotelephony show that we are the clear innovation leader in the Austrian banking industry."
SmartBanking is an innovative offering for everyone who is young or young at heart. It meets all of the needs and requirements of the 'Internet generation'.

This includes
• personalised advice by videotelephony, telephone and text message during extended business hours from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm,
• OnlineBanking and MobileBanking with state-of-the-art apps, and
• Bank Austria's entire branch network, which can be used for everyday banking needs.

As part of the SmartBanking campaign featuring David Alaba, there will be a major branch offensive along with a new television commercial starring Bank Austria's new ambassador.

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