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Press Archive 2014

  • 30.12.2014

    However, job cuts did not slow down. Unemployment rate of 4.8 percent in industry in 2014 clearly below rate in the overall economy (8.4 percent)

  • 22.12.2014

    Switzerland remains the most expensive holiday destination

  • 18.12.2014

    The Bank Austria Familienfonds welfare fund pays out about EUR 25,000 annually to families in need

  • 18.12.2014

    Bank Austria integrates Austria’s market leader in leasing business in its Retail & Corporates Division

  • 17.12.2014

    In 2014, industrial enterprises in the EU paid more than twice as much for power and gas than US competitors

  • 11.12.2014

    Construction work commencing early in 2015 and scheduled for completion by the middle of 2018

  • 10.12.2014

    Five supporting pillars for the economy: Global increase in demand, weaker euro, cheaper oil, expiring budget restructuring in Europe and new monetary impetuses

  • 27.11.2014

    For the first time in the last half year, the pace of decline in Austrian industry did not accelerate.

  • 20.11.2014

    Award-winning report about guards of a Lenin statue in a provincial Ukrainian town

  • 18.11.2014

    Bank Austria Wohnbaubank has launched a new WohnbauAnleihe bond for security-oriented investors:

  • 17.11.2014

    Weak economic prospects for start of 2015 after extremely sluggish second half of 2014.

  • 13.11.2014

    Bank Austria Business Banking combines the comfort of an online bank with tailored advice and the services of a real universal bank.

  • 12.11.2014

    Sound operating performance from customer business despite continued weak credit demand, low market interest rates and exchange rate effects

  • 11.11.2014

    Today Bank Austria has designated Carlo Vivaldi (48) as member of Bank Austria's Management Board with responsibility for the CEE Division.

  • 07.11.2014

    With its new account programme, Bank Austria, as Austria’s most innovative bank, has taken a further major strategic step towards the Bank of the Future.

  • 30.10.2014

    Bank Austria Purchasing Managers' Index sinks to 46.9 points, reaching its lowest reading for two years.

  • 22.10.2014

    Upturn in industry stimulated regional economy: above-average growth in Vorarlberg, Burgenland and Upper Austria.

  • 17.10.2014

    Service sectors losing economic traction, but downturn unlikely.

  • 15.10.2014

    The growth prospects for the Austrian economy are becoming ever gloomier.

  • 15.10.2014

    This year, about 1.3 million people in Austria are again planning to call at their bank on World Savings Day.

  • 09.10.2014

    The objective of the "Acting together for a respectful society" initiative ("Gemeinsam für ein besseres Miteinander") is to promote an open way of interacting with one another

  • 09.10.2014

    New advertising strategy of Bank Austria with Conchita Wurst as testimonial

  • 06.10.2014

    Bank Austria has won this award for the fifth consecutive time.

  • 03.10.2014

    Vehicle industry remains a growth leader in industry in 2014 with estimated rise in production of 5 percent.

  • 02.10.2014

    After kicking off the Tour in Bratislava, the most sought-after trophy in European club football is on display at Am Hof in downtown Vienna.

  • 02.10.2014

    After completion of the sales procedure, UniCredit Bank Austria is pleased to announce that it has sold its equity interest of 16.35 per cent in CA Immo to O1 Group Limited, a strategic real estate investor.

  • 02.10.2014

    When it comes to private venture capital, patent applications or business start-ups, Austria lags behind by international standards

  • 01.10.2014

    The first 5,000 kids who open a Fix&Foxi KidsCard will be sent a Fix&Foxi DVD as a present

  • 29.09.2014

    Starting from Thursday, the UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour presented by UniCredit is stopping by Vienna with a special exhibition

  • 29.09.2014

    Austrian industrial activity slows in comparison with overall European trend

  • 26.09.2014

    Bank Austria Real Estate aiming for significant increase in new business in 2014

  • 26.09.2014

    The Austria Campus will be implemented according to plans of the winning project of the urban development competition (architect Boris Podrecca) and of the competition for the realisation of the gateway building (Soyka / Silber / Soyka Architekten)

  • 24.09.2014

    Bank Austria is setting new standards in the Austrian banking market

  • 22.09.2014

    Bank Austria is offering security-conscious investors a new 9-year mortgage bond for private and corporate customers by 22 September 2014.

  • 15.09.2014

    Sluggish economic trends in second half of year: further moderate impulses from abroad, but temporary halt in domestic demand recovery

  • 09.09.2014

    Mortgage Covered Bond 2014/2020 (EUR 500 million, 0.50%) from UniCredit Bank Austria AG with a term of 5½ years and a coupon of 0.50 percent was priced and placed today.

  • 05.09.2014

    Bank Austria is thus significantly enhancing services and advice offered to customers

  • 01.09.2014

    The first 4,000 students who open a new StudentenKonto current account will get a tolino shine e-reader with e-reader bag Slim worth EUR 128.99 as a welcome present

  • 28.08.2014

    Austria's industry growing moderately thanks to export demand

  • 18.08.2014

    Following the subdued economic development in the first half of 2014, there are no signs of a pick-up in economic activity in Austria at the start of the third quarter.

  • 11.08.2014

    The ErfolgsAnleihe bond has a term of four years and offers security for capital if held to maturity.

  • 11.08.2014

    This notable award underlines the efforts made so far regarding environmental protection.

  • 08.08.2014

    "The fourth award as winner across sectors of this competition illustrates explicitly that we are on the right way with the conversion of Bank Austria into a modern full-service bank", Board Member Helmut Bernkopf, responsible for private and corporate customers, points out.

  • 06.08.2014

    Bank Austria's CEO Willibald Cernko: "We have had a good second quarter, with net profit for the first six months significantly higher than in the same period of the previous year."

  • 05.08.2014

    Bank Austria's Supervisory Board renews the term of office of Willibald Cernko for another three years

  • 31.07.2014

    Bank Austria is providing its customers with advisors, a 24-hour ServiceLine, special hotlines, informational videos and an SEPA checklist

  • 30.07.2014

    At the start of the second half-year the economic activity of Austrian industry is on a slight upwards trend.

  • 25.07.2014

    UniCredit Bank Austria AG intends to buy Immobilien Holding GmbH/Group, which has so far been wholly owned by Immobilien Privatstiftung.

  • 03.07.2014

    To assist companies that are to be transferred or sold, the Vienna Economic Chamber, Bank Austria, the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, and the Austrian Institute for Economic Promotion (WIFI) have created a business value calculator for SMEs.

  • 27.06.2014

    The Pop-up branch offers 24-hour cash machines, terminals providing information on services and products, and free WiFi

  • 27.06.2014

    Austria's industrial growth has come to a virtual standstill at midyear 2014.

  • 27.06.2014

    Industrial recovery continues to lose momentum: Bank Austria Purchasing Managers' Index falls to 50.4 points in June, the lowest level in a year

  • 25.06.2014

    The European Investment Fund (EIF) and UniCredit under the lead of UniCredit Bank Austria have signed today multi-country guarantee agreements.

  • 18.06.2014

    Bond markets surprisingly positive

  • 16.06.2014

    Despite slow start to the year, however, things are expected to pick up during the second quarter mainly driven by demand from abroad

  • 30.05.2014

    Bank Austria Purchasing Managers' Index drops to a 10-month low but is still above the 50 points threshold and therefore signals growth

  • 06.06.2014

    Hanna Kordik, joint head of the Economics section of the newspaper DIE PRESSE, was awarded the prestigious Horst Knapp Prize in a ceremony on Thursday evening.

  • 04.06.2014

    Bank Austria is supporting Caritas' disaster relief efforts

  • 30.05.2014

    Industrial sector continues to lose momentum

  • 28.05.2014

    Convertible bond carrying 3 per cent fixed interest and a variable interest rate;
    "1.75%–4% Stufenzins-Wandelschuldverschreibung" (stepped-coupon convertible bond)

  • 27.05.2014

    The opening of Bank Austria's first new-style branch at Wiedner Hauptstrasse 53 marks the start of a number of new openings planned for 2014.

  • 27.05.2014

    On Saturday, 360 students from all round Austria met at UniCredit Center in Kaiserwasser, Vienna to compete in the national final of the Business Master competition

  • 26.05.2014

    Bank Austria is offering security-conscious investors a new 8-year mortgage bond for private and corporate customers.

  • 26.05.2014

    Bank Austria is providing the financing for the Citygate Shopping Center

  • 23.05.2014

    According to the latest reports and market research, the sponsorship continues to deliver positive results for UniCredit.

  • 22.05.2014

    No-fee donations can be made at branches, online and on the go starting immediately
    Bank Austria is supporting Caritas’ disaster relief efforts for the victims of the floods in Southeastern Europe and establishing a special donation account for people who would like to show their solidarity. Donations can be transferred to this account starting immediately.

    Account designation: Caritas Katastrophenhilfe
    Keyword/Reason for payment: Hochwasser Südosteuropa
    IBAN: AT031200000696285519

  • 21.05.2014

    Bank Austria is now offering Fix-Floater-Anleihe 2014–2018/3, a new ErfolgsAnleihe bond

  • 20.05.2014

    On 1 May Peter Herreiner (51) became new Head of the Finance and Advisory Austria department

  • 19.05.2014

    With interest rates still at extremely low levels, real estate remains a very attractive asset class for institutional investors

  • 19.05.2014

    Together with its strong partner Pioneer Investments Austria, Bank Austria is taking a completely new approach to allow its customers flexible investment in securities.

  • 15.05.2014

  • 15.5.2014

    Bank Austria Business Indicator remains at 1.0 point in April: economic sentiment largely unchanged on previous month

  • 14.05.2014

    The net financial wealth of CEE households has more than doubled since 2004

  • 14.05.2014

    In terms of assets, a moderate shift towards institutionalized assets will continue in the next years, but cash and deposits will likely remain dominant

  • 13.05.2014

    Sound commercial banking business with customers impacted by weak credit demand, low market interest rates and exchange rate movements

  • 12.05.2014

    Sector continually creating new jobs; employment rose by 3.1 percent in 2013, despite weak economic activity

  • 07.05.2014

    Burgenland once more grew fastest in 2013, followed by Upper Austria and Styria

  • 30.04.2014

    The winner in the category of "Best Business Idea" was the federal commercial academy in Gänserndorf with its "Shreddys" non-returnable bottle shredder

  • 29.04.2014

    Bank Austria's corporate customers benefit from three months of free access to everbill's business software. This helps SMEs to plan and implement their business processes.

  • 29.04.2014

  • 29.04.2014

    APA and UniCredit Bank Austria invite journalists from all over Europe to submit entries
    Prize Money of EUR 5,000

  • 28.04.2014

    Targeted issue volume over the coming years set at an average EUR 200 million per year, with a view to using this new refinance to replace funds from residential construction bonds maturing in the next five years

  • 15.04.2014

    Escalation of the Crimea crisis currently the biggest risk for Austria's economy: Nevertheless, growth forecast of approx. 2 percent in 2014/2015 remains unchanged

  • 10.04.2014

    With its key branches of metalworking and the steel industry, Austria's metals sector, which is focused on capital goods, will be able to more than offset last year's poor result in 2014.

  • 09.04.2014

    Funds can offer an attractive alternative investment in the current low interest rate environment

  • 08.04.2014

  • 07.04.2014

  • 28.03.2014

    Bank Austria Purchasing Manager's Index drops 2 points to 51 in March

  • 24.03.2014

    Together with UniCredit banks in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia and the United Kingdom, Bank Austria was named one of the most attractive employers in Europe. Bank Austria received this coveted award as one of Europe's top employers for the fourth consecutive year.

  • 19.03.2014

    Soft Loans are a kind of tied financial aid granted on favourable terms to support projects in selected countries

  • 14.03.2014

    Positive sentiment in industry, consumers more confident again

  • 14.03.2014

    The Austrian group taxation regime essentially gives companies that form a tax group the option of offsetting losses made by foreign group members against the profits of the Austrian group members.

  • 14.03.2014

    Industry ends 2013 with a small increase in production of 0.6 percent and stagnating sales

  • 11.03.2014

  • 03.03.2014

    Starting on 3 March 2014, Bank Austria Wohnbaubank AG is to issue a new WohnbauAnleihe (residential construction bond) for security-oriented investors.

  • 27.02.2014

    Bank Austria's Social Innovation Award comes with a prize of EUR 30,000

  • 27.02.2014

    Bank Austria Purchasing Managers' Index for February exhibits solid growth at 53 points

  • 21.02.2014

  • 20.02.2014

    Contract closed out on the sale of Bank Austria's headquarters

  • 17.02.2014

    Pace of growth expected to double in first quarter of 2014 since investments and exports will rise

  • 14.02.2014

  • 13.02.2014

    Producing 8.63 per cent return, Bank Austria's asset management service significantly outperformed the industry benchmark, a ringing endorsement of Bank Austria's successful Private Banking model

  • 07.02.2014

    The textile industry should grow somewhat faster in 2014; driven by the recovery of capital goods activity in key sales markets, production growth is expected to total at least 3 percent

  • 04.02.2014

    Especially a stronger Germany and EMU should be supportive and encourage the long-awaited enhancement in domestic demand

  • 04.02.2014

    The shooting star embodies the new generation of young and young-at-heart mobile customers who do their banking where, when and how they want

  • 03.02.2014

    Bank Austria has new website: www.wirtschaft-online.bankaustria.at

  • 31.01.2014

    Robust increase in orders fuels powerful, ongoing rise in production

  • 28.01.2014

    Bank Austria projects rising yields and spreads on corporate bonds starting from the second half of 2014

  • 24.01.2014

    Austria reports 2 percent rate of inflation in December 2013, the highest of all eurozone member states for the first time (eurozone: 1.4 percent)

  • 23.01.2014

  • 15.01.2014

    Despite this extension, Bank Austria urges all customers to start using IBAN and BIC immediately

  • 15.01.2014

    Sound recovery trends despite modest decline in Bank Austria Business Indicator to 0.9 points in December

  • 14.01.2014

    As Western Europe is indicating an economic resurgence, also business activity in CEE is reviving

  • 13.01.2014

    Bond generated high demand with 80 individual orders