Applications invited for 2013 Horst Knapp Prize

This prize for journalists has been awarded annually by Bank Austria since 1996 for outstanding achievements in Austrian economic journalism. The deadline for applications for the 2013 Horst Knapp Prize ends on 3 February 2014.

The EUR 6,000 Horst Knapp Prize is one of the most prestigious awards for financial and economic journalism in Austria. Willibald Cernko, CEO of Bank Austria: "The significance of thorough economic reporting, which subjects economic and economic policy correlations to a critical analysis and commentary, cannot be held in high enough regard in times like these. Exemplary financial and economic journalists distinguish themselves in particular by taking their crucial role of intermediary towards an increasingly uncertain readership very seriously."

Journalists that fulfil the following requirements are cordially invited to submit their applications now.

• Authors and journalists with Austrian citizenship or who work predominantly in Austria.
• Outstanding journalistic achievements published for the first time in the last two years in books or in print and electronic media and which have a link to economic and social sciences. Drawing on the life's work of Professor Horst Knapp, the works must present economic and social science issues in a particularly clear and comprehensible manner, despite their complexity.
• Pieces (or series) of work, or tapes and videos, must be submitted no later than 3 February 2014 to the jury of the Horst Knapp Prize, c/o Bank Austria, 8319/Corporate Initiatives, for the attention of Ms. Slavica Bilgin, PO Box 22000, 1011 Vienna.
• Enquiries about prize: Bank Austria, Corporate Initiatives, Tel. +43 (0) 50505 - 51059

The Horst Knapp Prize has been sponsored annually by Bank Austria since 1996
It is awarded to journalists by an independent jury in memory of the long-standing doyen of Austrian economic journalism, Professor Horst Knapp. The award is for EUR 6,000. The jury is headed by Ewald Nowotny, governor of the Austrian central bank. The Horst Knapp Prize recognises outstanding journalistic achievements that present complex economic issues in a particularly clear and comprehensible manner. The 2013 Horst Knapp Prize is handed over in a ceremony in May 2014.

Alongside the chairman, the independent jury includes the following members: Karl Aiginger, head of the Austrian Institute for Economic Research; Margarete Freisinger, a freelance journalist; Martin Halama, corporate spokesman for Bank Austria; Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger, professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business; Andrea Helige, a public relations consultant; Veit Sorger, former president of the Federation of Austrian Industries; Josef Zechner, professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business; and the winner of last year's prize, Volker Obermayr, deputy head of the business section at ORF radio.

The following journalists have been awarded the Horst Knapp Prize in the past: Reinhard Göweil and Waltraud Langer (1996), Georg Wailand (1997) and Regina Forster (sponsorship award 1997), Michael Hann (1998), Liselotte Palme (1999), Andreas Schnauder (2000), Walter Sonnleitner (2001), Margarete Freisinger (2002), Richard Wiens (2003), Christine Domforth (2004), Michael Csoklich and Eva Pfisterer (2005), Renate Graber (2006), Helmut Gansterer (2007), Michael Nikbakhsh (2008), Luise Ungerboeck and Franz Schellhorn (2009), Michael Bachner (2010), Dietmar Mascher (2011) and Volker Obermayr (2012).

Enquiries: Bank Austria Press Office Austria
Matthias Raftl, Tel. +43 (0) 50505 - 52809
E-Mail: matthias.raftl@unicreditgroup.at