Caritas emergency relief: Bank Austria launches donations appeal to help typhoon victims

  • Bank Austria has launched an appeal for donations to support the emergency relief activities of Caritas
  • All donations made by Bank Austria employees will be increased under UniCredit's Gift Matching Programme

Donations made in response to Bank Austria's appeal will go directly to the Caritas Emergency Relief Fund, the donations appeal will be supported by payment slips and leaflets at all Bank Austria branches – no fees will be payable for donations paid in at Bank Austria using the payment slips. This is the donations account:

Caritas Katastrophenhilfe
IBAN: AT03 12000 00696285519
Keyword/purpose: Katastrophenfonds Caritas

Christoph Schweifer, Secretary General International Programmes of Caritas: "Many thanks to Bank Austria for its quick response to support Caritas emergency relief activities. Payment slips have been distributed to Bank Austria branches, and the bank’s employees and customers have been informed accordingly. This helps us to reach even more people with our request for donations and quickly help people affected by this catastrophic event. A donation of 35 euros, for example, will make it possible to purchase an aid package containing basic foods, soap, a water container, a mat to sleep on, and a blanket."

Under the Gift Matching Programme, the UniCredit Foundation will increase the total amount of donations made by Bank Austria employees. In 2012, donations made by Bank Austria employees totalled about 275,000 euros, and the amount was doubled under the Gift Matching Programme. This means that a total amount of over half a million euros went to relief organisations in Austria and abroad.

Bank Austria Media Relations Austria

Matthias Raftl, tel. +43 (0) 50505 - 52809
e-mail: matthias.raftl@unicreditgroup.at

Caritas Austria Press Officer
Margit Draxl, tel: +43 (0)1 48831 - 417
e-mail: margit.draxl@caritas-austria.at