Trend-setting apps of Bank Austria now offer QR codes, an Austria-wide ATM locator and top user friendliness

  • Complete relaunch of user surface for top user friendliness, with Bank Austria’s apps offering a number of new services
  • The app can scan QR codes on invoices and payment slips, and generate QR codes to share them with friends or business partners
  • The ATM locator helps to locate the nearest ATM and find the way with a route planner
  • The app offers full support for all tablets – and the user can reach her/his relationship manager with a single click on a button

Bank customers are increasingly settling transactions also on a mobile basis via a smartphone – Bank Austria's apps offer valuable information on the most important banking products and services as well as complete account information, money transfer facilities, securities trading and contact with the relationship manager. MobileBanking with the apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry is therefore a key element of Bank Austria SmartBanking, including personal advisory services via video telephony. Helmut Bernkopf, Bank Austria Management Board member with responsibility for retail and corporate customers: "We are seeing fast growth of mobile banking, in line with our customers' more intensive use of smartphones. Over 40 per cent of Austrians have a smartphone and the number will continue to rise. For this reason we have carried out a forward-looking relaunch of our apps and we are now offering top user friendliness and unique new tools to our customers."

Generating QR codes and sharing them with friends
Bank Austria apps can now scan QR codes on invoices and payment slips, and Bank Austria has become the only bank in Austria to offer the opportunity to create QR codes and share them with friends or business partners. Generating and scanning a QR code, which contains all information required for a money transfer, makes it easy to use a smartphone for payments.

This function makes the Bank Austria MobileBanking app really smart: paying invoices is now easier than ever – without the need to enter long IBAN numbers. Customers can use their smartphones to scan the QR code, which is printed on an increasing number of invoices, and sign it with a TAN, as in online banking.

The Bank Austria app offers a convenient and time-saving way to create payment instructions in the form of a QR code and pass it on – for example, via Bluetooth, e-mail or social media. The recipients of a QR code only need to scan it with their smartphones and can make the payment without having to enter any payee data.

ATM locator
The Bank Austria apps additionally offer a complete ATM locator for all ATMs in Austria, with a route planner showing the way to the nearest machine. The ATM locator knows the user's current position and leads her/him to the nearest ATM.

Full tablet version
Bank Austria has also become the first Austrian bank to develop the new app into a full tablet version, integrating all tablet requirements. This gives tablet users the look and feel they know from other tablet apps – e.g. the landscape orientation – and provides top-quality mobile banking, unique in Austria. An important tool is the "relationship manager contact" button, enabling the user to contact her/his relationship manager with a single click.

Following a complete relaunch of the user surface and financial overview, Bank Austria apps offer top-quality mobile banking. As in online banking via a PC, customers get a financial overview of their accounts, building society savings accounts, "WertpapierPlan" securities investment plans, registered savings accounts, fixed deposits and loans. This enables customers to settle all important transactions easily on a mobile basis.

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