Bank Austria rated top at the European Change Communications Award 2013 for its Customer and Employee Forum

  • At the European Change Communications Award 2013, Bank Austria came first in the "Branding medium" category
  • Conferred by a jury of renowned figures on behalf of the Internal Branding Academy and the Strategy Communication Institute, the award recognised outstanding customer and employee integration in strategic processes of change
  • Based on the motto "Building a better bank together", the Customer and Employee Forum offers an opportunity to help shape Bank Austria's future
  • Bank Austria is a leading light in customer satisfaction management, and its feedback tools are unique in the banking sector and the whole of Austria

Helmut Bernkopf, Bank Austria Board member responsible for private and corporate customers, emphasised: "Our customers' opinions are important to us. Our Customer and Employee Forum gives us direct feedback – both on general banking topics and on specific services, products and processes. This makes us better placed to incorporate the opinions of our customers and employees into our decision-making. We are delighted to have won the European Change Communications Award 2013, as it confirms that our strategy is the right one."

Since February 2013, interested customers and employees have been invited to share their opinions on the platforms www.kundenforum.at and www.mitarbeiterforum.at, with the company aiming to align its services even more closely with the needs and desires of its customers and employees. The forums have already attracted 3,200 customers and about 3,000 employees, while over 10,000 questionnaires have been completed and the various posts and articles are provoking lively debate. The forums offer an opportunity for discussions, experts' blogs and interviews with results in real time, perfectly complementing traditional market research. Bank Austria also gives instant feedback, using the platforms to provide information on the latest results, innovations and new developments based on customer or employee feedback.

A leading light in customer satisfaction management
The Customer and Employee Forum is just one component of Bank Austria's comprehensive approach to customer satisfaction management. The bank also conducts about 40,000 customer surveys each year, thus ensuring that its customers always come first. Through simplicity, transparency and integrity, Bank Austria endeavours to create the trust on which every banking relationship is built in the long term.

The European Change Communications Award 2013
Now in its fifth year, the European Change Communications Award was created to honour outstanding projects in the field of change communications. The Internal Branding Academy (IBA) and the Strategy Communication Institute (SCI) presents awards in the "Branding" and "Strategy" categories as well as a special prize for social media. By classifying entrants as "small", "medium" and "large", companies and projects of all sizes have a realistic chance of getting their hands on a trophy – provided they can win over a distinguished jury made up of representatives from some high-profile European companies.
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