World Fund Day on 19 April:
Bank Austria today launches a one-week initiative at all its branches

  • Bank Austria "WertpapierPlan" with Pioneer funds:
    small investments – strong effect
  • Fund advisory services in the limelight during a whole week
  • Investors can subscribe to the new PIA Flex React 11/2020 fund at any Bank Austria branch

The first World Fund Day organised in Austria on 19 April 2013 will provide an opportunity for Bank Austria to demonstrate its fund advisory expertise. World Fund Day is an initiative launched by the investment fund industry in Austria and organised jointly by VÖIG ("Vereinigung Österreichischer Investmentfondsgesellschaften", the Association of Austrian Investment Management Companies) and VAIÖ ("Vereinigung Ausländischer Investmentfondsgesellschaften in Österreich", the Association of Foreign Investment Management Companies in Austria). During a whole week Bank Austria and its funds partner Pioneer Investments Austria will concentrate on presenting their offering: the days from 15 to 19 April 2013 will revolve around World Fund Day. "Our activities during this week will focus on WertpapierPlan, our securities investment plan product. The currently low level of interest rates makes securities investments with diversified investment strategies attractive also to retail investors," says Helmut Bernkopf, the Bank Austria Management Board member responsible for business with private individuals and companies.

Making the general public familiar with investment funds
"This initiative is intended to make the general public familiar with the concept of investment funds," Werner Kretschmer, Chairman of the Management Board of Pioneer Investments Austria, explains. The subscription period of the new PIA Flex React 11/2020, a mixed investment fund which invests in euro-denominated bonds and in stocks in information technology companies, starts today. Units in this fund can only be acquired during the subscription period, which will end on 24 May 2013.

"WertpapierPlan" – Bank Austria's securities investment plan product
"Our securities investment plan product – WertpapierPlan – is ideal for investing small amounts in investment funds. This is a particularly flexible product," says Helmut Bernkopf. Bank Austria offers "WertpapierPlan" in conjunction with a wide range of funds managed by Pioneer Investments. Investors can thereby make constant monthly investments in bond funds, equity funds or mixed funds. Relationship managers put together an investment portfolio that meets the customer's specific risk profile.

Why has 19 April been chosen as the date of World Fund Day?
World Fund Day was organised in Germany on 19 April last year. The date was carefully chosen: Abraham van Ketwich, a merchant born in Amsterdam on 19 April 1744, became the first man to bring together in 1774 a number of investors to make joint investments. He is therefore credited with introducing the investment fund concept. The investors placed their money in a fund called Eendragt Maakt Magt (unity makes strong). The fund invested in bonds issued by various governments, in banks and in loans in West India. Van Ketwich realised that broad risk diversification is a key criterion of successful investments.

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Note: The above-mentioned fund (PIA Flex React 11/2020) is a mixed investment fund with a fixed term (27 May 2013 to 26 November 2020). The fund's equity portion is mainly invested (= overall, at least 51% of the equity portion) in technology stocks, especially stocks in information technology companies. The bond portion is invested in euro-denominated bonds with a good credit rating (at least A- at the time of acquisition). Investments may be made – in various combinations or exclusively – in a portfolio of unsecured or secured bank bonds, corporate bonds, mortgage bonds, local-authority bonds, state-guaranteed bonds or government bonds and other debt securities. The equity portion and the bond portion of the fund may be invested in investment funds or directly in securities of the relevant categories. The equity portion is between 0% and 50%, with the dynamic allocation model (hedging strategy) placing restrictions on fund management. This may result in the investment not participating in stock market performance for an extended period or permanently. The published prospectus and the key investor information document (KIID) of the fund, as amended from time to time, and of all other funds offered by Pioneer Investments Austria to the public in Austria are available electronically to interested parties free of charge in the German language at www.pioneerinvestments.at and at UniCredit Bank Austria AG, Schottengasse 6–8, A-1010 Vienna, Austria, which acts as paying agent.
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