Bank Austria is Austria's most customer-oriented service provider of 2013

  • Bank Austria was declared winner in the competition for "Austria's most customer-oriented service providers" once again in 2013
  • The award focuses on service quality offensive, innovative consulting models, customer surveys, complaint management as well as efforts for sustainability or cultural and social sponsoring

"We are constantly focusing on our customers", Board Member Helmut Bernkopf, responsible for private and corporate customers, points out, "35,000 customer surveys a year provide us with detailed information about which measures we need to take. The first place in the competition for Austria's most customer-oriented service providers once again in the year 2013 is primarily due to our employees and a commitment to our customers. This award confirms the direction we have chosen and are pursuing as a leading banking service provider of the country."

The competition for Austria's most customer-oriented service providers of 2013
The competition for Austria's most customer-oriented service providers of 2013 under the expert administration of the University of St. Gallen addresses all service providers that operate in Austria. The established European Customer Service Champions competition, which has been setting standards for customer service in Germany for six years, was carried out in Austria for the first time in 2011 (www.bestedienstleister.at).

The assessment is based on a scientific model of customer value research at the University of St. Gallen, where customer opinion and management opinion provide a comprehensive image together. The benchmark analysis is carried out both within an industry and across industries. The participants are compared to the international top service providers of the last years in their main service characteristics.

"Very good customer feedback and mainly the varied initiatives, which we, Bank Austria, launch to improve customer satisfaction in Austria, were decisive for the award", Helmut Bernkopf says, "our service quality offensive, our innovative consulting models as SmartBanking, an efficient complaint management, our efforts with regard to sustainability as well as cultural and social sponsoring and, of course, our customer survey tools."

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