Bank Austria Job Notice:
Peter Czapek becomes CEO of Bank Austria Real Invest

  • Gerhard Dreyer, 53, now responsible for Investment and Asset Management as well as Group Investments
  • Günter Hofbauer, 47, remains responsible for risk management and controlling

The Supervisory Board of Bank Austria Real Invest has nominated Peter Czapek, 54, as the new CEO and spokesperson of the Managing Board at Bank Austria Real Invest. Peter Czapek joined the Managing Board on 1 January 2013. According to a decision on operational responsibilities made by the Supervisory Board, Czapek is to take over fund management, human resources and sales strategy. Peter Czapek, Gerhard Dreyer and Günter Hofbauer represent the senior management team at Bank Austria Real Invest. Thomas Hetz is leaving the Managing Board to focus on new tasks.

Peter Czapek began his career in a branch of Länderbank – a predecessor institute of Bank Austria – in 1976. This was followed by various management positions within marketing and product strategy for private customers and small and medium-sized businesses. Czapek completed a "BA-CA General Management Course" at Danube University, Krems in 2002 alongside his job, and most recently was Head of Private Customers at Bank Austria, focusing on product and marketing strategy; in this position he was responsible for ensuring the successful sales of Real Invest products. Additionally, he sits on the supervisory boards of some Bank Austria subsidiaries.

Bank Austria Real Invest is Bank Austria's competence centre for real estate investment, focusing on private customers and institutional investors, and has more than 30 years' expertise with real estate investments. The company was one of the first real estate investment providers in the sector and is one of the leading real estate managers in Austria. 

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