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Gala in "Theater in der Josefstadt":
Bank Austria awards most lucrative Art Prize in Austria

• Bank Austria Art Prize with a total prize pool of EUR 218,000 awarded for the second time this year
• High-calibre jury chose the winners from no less than 333 candidates
• Prize-winners in the four categories:
o "Regional" category: "Sprachsalz" literature festival in Hall (Tyrol)
o "International" category: The "Black Sea Calling" project of the "Rotor" Association in Graz, and Musikhaus Doblinger in Vienna for its 2011 New Year's Production
o "Communication of art" category: Kunstraum Lakeside in Klagenfurt
o "Cultural journalism" category: Irene Suchy, Culture Editor, Ö1

The Bank Austria Art Prize 2011 was awarded on 24 February 2012 during a gala event in the "Theater an der Josefstadt" in Vienna. "Following last year's resounding success, this year once again we were able to crown some outstanding projects as winners of the Bank Austria Art Prize. The Bank Austria Art Prize has already become a fixture of the Austrian art and culture scene, and I am extremely proud of this. I take a great personal interest in promoting innovative projects", underlined Willibald Cernko, Chairman of the Board at Bank Austria.

"For many years, Bank Austria has supported young artists in the fine arts and in classical music, along with important cultural projects and institutions based in countries of Central and Eastern Europe. This is our long-term contribution to promoting culture and to a joint Europe – as the leading bank in Austria and a member of a large European banking group", continued Cernko.

By awarding this art prize, Bank Austria has some very specific goals in mind. Willibald Cernko added: "Our commitment to culture is an integral part of our social responsibility. With the Bank Austria Art Prize our aim is to recognise and provide strong support to the innovative potential that the art and culture scene in Austria has to offer. What we are particularly delighted about is that this young art prize was acknowledged with the renowned Maecenas art sponsorship award in its very first year."

The Bank Austria Art Prize is awarded in four categories. The prizes go to:
• the best regional cultural initiative (prize money of EUR 70,000)
• the best project internationalising Austrian art and cultural creativity (prize money of EUR 70,000)
• the best project communicating art to new target groups (prize money of EUR 70,000)
• outstanding work in the field of cultural journalism (prize money of EUR 8,000)

The Bank Austria Art Prize is one of three pillars to the Bank Austria programme for sponsoring culture. The second pillar comprises quality partnerships with reputed cultural institutions such as the Bank Austria Art Forum, Albertina, Musikverein Vienna, "Theater in der Josefstadt" or the Nestroy Theatre Award. The third pillar embraces projects that unite art with social commitment, for example the "Brunnenpassage" project in Wien-Ottakring.

Submissions in 2011

A total of 333 projects from all around Austria were submitted in 2011 for the Bank Austria Art Prize. 326 of these projects fulfilled all of the criteria and were subjected to a closer assessment, which took into account criteria such as innovation, creativity, sustainability and the submission of a comprehensive financial plan. "We were inspired by the outstanding quality of the projects submitted; it clearly confirms the energy and importance of the Austrian cultural landscape in all its many respects", emphasised Willibald Cernko.

The high-calibre jury comprised Thomas Angyan (Intendant of the Society of Music Friends in Vienna), Sabine Breitwieser (Chief Curator of the Museum of Modern Art, New York), Ingried Brugger (Director of the Bank Austria Art Forum), Willibald Cernko (CEO of Bank Austria), Andrea Ecker (Section-Chief in the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture), Herbert Föttinger (Director of the "Theater in der Josefstadt"), Anton Kolarik (Head of Department, Identity & Communications, Bank Austria), Walter Leiss (General Secretary, Austrian Association of Municipalities), Klaus Albrecht Schröder (Director of the Albertina, Vienna) and Thomas Weninger (General-Secretary of the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns).

2011 Prize-Winners

The following initiatives and projects were awarded the 2011 Bank Austria Art Prize:

• Regional category
Prize money EUR 70,000

Sprachsalz Literature Festival, Tyrol
The three-day programme of the Sprachsalz Literature Festival in Tyrol has the objective of introducing quality international literature to a broad audience that enjoys free entry, and offering authors a platform to showcase their works.  This project stands out first and foremost due its regional attachment, the renowned list of guests, the high attendance and the fact that it also and particularly addresses young people.

• Communication of art category:
Prize money EUR 70,000

Kunstraum Lakeside, Carinthia
Kunstraum Lakeside is a place for producing and presenting contemporary international art. In the heart of the programme we find critical discourse about aspects of the economy which are relevant for society. The aim is to convey and confront different perspectives. By means of exhibitions, public art projects, presentations, discussions, film evenings and publications as well as partnerships with individual institutions of the University of Klagenfurt, the Kunstraum strives to encourage a trans-disciplinary debate on contemporary issues, and generate broad interest from the public.

• International category:
Prize money EUR 70,000 (in total, split between both prize-winners)

Rotor Association, Graz
Through the "Black Sea Calling" Artist In Residence Programme, this Austrian association unites contemporary visual arts in Austria and around the Black Sea. This enabled nine Austrian artists to go on working trips to nine countries around the Black Sea. At the same time, nine artists from these countries all spent time in Austria. The project produced 18 new works of art which were subsequently shown in a group exhibition in Austria before the exhibition went on a tour of the Black Sea region.

Musikhaus Doblinger, Vienna
Musikhaus Doblinger has done sterling work in the past with its unique commitment to supporting young Austrian composers. One highlight of this work was Doblinger’s "Initiative 2000", a project in which eight young and then unknown Austrian composers were taken under Doblinger's wing and many of their works were published. In 2011 this initiative was expanded with another ten composers. The award of the Bank Austria Art Prize should help launch an international marketing campaign that extends far beyond normal publishing promotions, thereby enhancing the international opportunities for young Austrian composers.

• Cultural journalism category:
Prize money EUR 8,000

Irene Suchy, Ö1 music editor
Born in Vienna she was a student of musicology, German studies and violoncello. In 1989 she began working at ORF Radio Ö1 as an editor and presenter. Suchy was and is responsible for "Apropos Musik - the monthly music magazine", she is a presenter and creator of many Ö1 programmes, a live presenter at the ORF Radiokulturhaus and an organiser of recitals with renowned artists. In addition to her journalistic work on the radio, Suchy is also a lecturer at the University for Music and the Performing Arts, a writer, and is on various bodies and committees of the City of Vienna, the province of Lower Austria and the executive board of music information center austria.

Announcement for Bank Austria Art Prize 2012
Parallel to awarding the 2011 Bank Austria Art Prize we would like to invite artists and creative artists to submit their projects for the 2012 Bank Austria Art Prize. The competition documentation and all other information can be found at http://kultur.bankaustria.at from the middle of May.

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