First phase of Europe-wide UniCredit strategic project “All4Quality” completed:
IT companies of UniCredit Bank Austria are being bundled within UGIS Austria

  • As part of "All4Quality", a Group-wide strategic UniCredit project, Bank Austria will combine several subsidiaries by the end of the first quarter of 2012, thereby bundling IT, operations, facility management, security and procurement
  • In the first phase, with effect from 1 July 2011, the IT companies Bank Austria Global Information Services (BAGIS) and the Austrian branch of UniCredit Global Information Services (UGIS) are combined in a new company which will temporarily operate under the name of UGIS Austria GmbH until the global start in November 2011
  • The next phase of "All4Quality" in Austria will start on 1 November 2011: UniCredit Business Partner (UCBP), a provider of back-office services, will be integrated in UGIS Austria GmbH

The establishment of UGIS Austria GmbH marks the completion of the first phase of the All4Quality project in Austria. UGIS Austria GmbH starts with 600 employees, the company’s managing directors are Paolo Cederle, Herbert Hangel and Vincenzo Contento.

"All4Quality" is the strategic response to the new regulatory framework – including Basel III, new rules for the deposit guarantee scheme, and national levies on banks – and the market environment, which present banks with major challenges. This large-scale strategic UniCredit programme is being implemented in Austria, Italy, Germany, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Hungary and Slovakia with a view to using Europe-wide synergy effects and economies of scale. Service providers for UniCredit banks in the various countries are being combined and integrated in a global structure based in Italy, which will be responsible for Group-wide standards, policies, guidelines, analyses, initiatives and development strategies.

The next phase of the All4Quality project in Austria will start on 1 November 2011: the back-office services provider UCBP will be integrated in UGIS Austria GmbH. This company with 1,800 employees in Austria, will offer services to Bank Austria and UniCredit banks in the CEE region. The Company will have its registered office in Vienna and will form part of the international All4Quality organisation. From November 2011 onwards, Procurement, Security, the HR SSC, Domus FM and possibly Domus Clean will be integrated in this company step by step. As a result, the number of employees in Austria will rise to 2,200 by the end of the first quarter of 2012.

"The All4Quality programme will enhance service effectiveness and optimise costs while also offering new development and career opportunities for our employees. Bank Austria, our most important customer, can fully concentrate on its core business because a single point of contact will make cooperation easier and Bank Austria colleagues will no longer need to be familiar with our processes and internal organisation to receive the services they need", says Herbert Hangel, managing director of UGIS Austria GmbH, who is responsible for the All4Quality programme in Austria.

All4Quality – the name says it all
"All4Quality" stands for top-quality banking services. Its objective is to simplify procedures and enhance service efficiency through global coordination, and to consolidate various banking services. While taking regional needs into account, the new organisation can offer its internal customers, i.e. the local banks in UniCredit, services which have been developed on an international basis. This helps to achieve further progress in efficiency, economies of scale and standardisation.

The new organisation shields the banks as customers from the complexity of all underlying processes and enables them to fully concentrate on their core business by providing them with a single point of contact for all services they need. At the same time the new model helps to unlock significant cost synergies by introducing and using joint platforms, operating models and uniform control.

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