New customers receive attractive interest with ErfolgsCard Gold 5/2011

  • If you become a new customer of Bank Austria by May 27, 2011, you will benefit from attractive interest rates for a demand deposit
  • For a deposit from EUR50,000, new customers get an interest rate of 1.875 % per year withdrawable on demand, and for a deposit of up to EUR50,000 a rate of 0.625 % per year.

With the ErfolgsCard Gold 5/2011, customers saving their money remain flexible and can withdraw their deposit at any time. For a deposit from EUR50,000, new customers receive an interest rate of 1.875 percent per year for a deposit withdrawable on demand , and for a deposit of up to EUR 50,000 a rate of 0.625 percent per year. The interest rate is guaranteed until June 30, 2011. As from July 1, 2011, the interest rates will be adapted to the development of the 1-month Euribor every quarter. In case the 1-month Euribor is rising, interest rates increase as well. In case the 1-month Euribor remains unchanged, interest rates remain unchanged as well. In case the 1-month Euribor should fall, the interest rates will also be adapted to that change. The interest will be credited to the ErfolgsCard Gold 5/2011 once a year at the end of the year.

"The ErfolgsCard Gold 5/2011 offers highly attractive interest rates for deposits withdrawable on demand. Thanks to the rate adjustment paragraph, an increase of the interest rates for the ErfolgsCard 5/2011 is guaranteed in case of further increasing market interest rates," Peter Czapek, head of division for segment management top customers of Bank Austria, says, "And all experts expect further rate increases in the near future."

The ErfolgsCard Gold 5/2011 enables its customers to withdraw a desired amount of up to EUR1,500 a day with the personal PIN code at every ATM at the self-service foyers of Bank Austria. In case higher amounts are required, they can simply be transferred to the private account via OnlineBanking or MobileBanking with the smartphone.

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