Bank Austria Private Banking initiative “3 Per Cent Plus”:
Asset Management Premium – diversification of assets with safety net

  • Guaranteed: Bank Austria Private Banking pays a bonus of up to three per cent if the agreed 3-year performance target is not reached
  • Attractive: the cumulative three-year performance is improved by up to 3 per cent
  • Personal: investors define their personal investment strategy
  • Convenient: Bank Austria takes care of settlement, controlling and reporting
  • Needs-oriented: opportunities on international capital markets are seen in the context of the investor's risk appetite

Bank Austria Private Banking offers customers who opt for its Asset Management PREMIUM services by 31 March 2011 exceptional benefits: if, after the first three years, the actual performance of Asset Management PREMIUM should be below the level of the agreed target performance, investors are guaranteed a bonus of up to 3 per cent. In other words, if, for example, a conservative portfolio with a cumulative target performance of six per cent (after deduction of charges and before tax) after three years achieves a cumulative three-year performance of three per cent, the customers concerned receive a one-time bonus in the form of three per cent interest that is credited to their account. Asset Management PREMIUM services are available to customers with an investment of EUR 100,000 or more.

"A broad diversification of assets offers the best protection against potential crises. With our Asset Management PREMIUM services our customers benefit from professional management by our experts and from the possibility to receive a bonus through our unique 3 Per Cent Plus initiative", says Jürgen Danzmayr, member of Bank Austria's Management Board with responsibility for Private Banking.

Asset Management PREMIUM – personal and transparent 
Investors select their personal investment strategy, a process which results in a specific portfolio type.

The risk associated with fluctuations in the value of the portfolio, which investors are prepared to carry, can be systematically limited. Demand has been strongest for the following portfolio strategies:
Conservative, for the preservation of capital (max. 20 per cent real estate, no equities; cumulative three-year target performance: 6 per cent).
Traditional, for investors with risk tolerance (maximum 20 per cent real estate, max. 20 per cent alternative investments, max. 30 per cent equities; cumulative three-year target performance: 8 per cent).

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