Zukunft Denken! – a series of talks organised by Bank Austria and the Club of Rome: The Blue Economy – economic management in harmony with the Blue Planet

  • Bank Austria and the Club of Rome invite Gunter Pauli, pioneer of the Blue Economy, to Vienna
  • Presentation of a concept which creates jobs, builds social capital and points the way for economic management and society to sustainability
  • The Blue Economy is an option for 100 million new jobs worldwide in 10 years

The address
As from 6 p.m. in the "Altes Rathaus" (Wipplingerstrasse 8, A-1010 Vienna) Gunter Pauli, author of the report "The Blue Economy" which was prepared for the Club of Rome, will give an address on a form of economic management compatible with conditions prevailing on the blue planet. The event will be opened by Peter Zöllner, President of the Austrian Chapter of the Club of Rome, and Călin Georgescu, Chairman, Club of Rome – ESC. The panel discussion after the address, which will give the audience an opportunity to ask questions, will be moderated by Fred Luks, Bank Austria’s sustainability manager.

Please register for participation at  www.clubofrome.at/zukunft/
Admission is free.

The speaker
Gunter Pauli has founded a number of companies and in 1994 initiated the Zero Emissions Research Initiative with the support of the Japanese government and the United Nations University in Tokyo. He developed a business model with zero waste and emissions. 

The Blue Economy concept
In the last four years Gunter Pauli has concentrated on identifying innovations which could change prevalent economic business models. This resulted in the “Blue Economy“ concept, a report which was presented to the Club of Rome.

Gunter Pauli calls for economic management which creates jobs while preserving the environment. His vision of economic management is not one that opposes the principles of the blue planet, but one that is compatible with these principles. His approach is modelled on innovations created by nature. The report submitted to the Club of Rome presents 100 of these innovations.

The Blue Economy – Die Wirtschaft der Zukunft
Wednesday, 26 January 2011
6 p.m.
Altes Rathaus, Wipplinger Strasse 8, A-1010 Vienna

If you would like to attend the event, please register via the website: http://www.clubofrome.at/zukunft/
Free admission.

"Zukunft Denken"
ZUKUNFT DENKEN is a series of events organised by Bank Austria and the Club of Rome (Austrian Chapter and European Support Centre) in Vienna, which focuses on economic issues for the future and examines medium and long-term trends which are still below the threshold of public perception.


Enquiries: Bank Austria Media Relations Austria
Martin Kammerer, tel. +43 (0) 50505 52803
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Gunter Pauli will be available for interviews in the afternoon of 26 January 2011.
Contact: The Club of Rome - European Support Centre
Thomas Schauer, tel. +43 (0) 1-5125770
e-mail: europa@clubofrome.at


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