Relaunch of the UniCredit Bank Austria Take a Ticket online giveaway contest:
Win UEFA Champions League tickets with Take a Ticket

  • UniCredit Bank Austria's innovative Take a Ticket online giveaway contest enters a new phase just in time for the 2011/2012 UEFA Champions League season
  • After two successful seasons, Take a Ticket has been completely revamped and adapted to meet the current social media trend
  • From today Take a Ticket can be played online at  "Take a Ticket"-Website and soon it can be played also on the free Facebook and mobile phone app
  • Bank Austria customers can increase their chances of winning tickets for the UEFA Champions League final by earning the UniCredit Badge
  • Over 500 tickets won so far on Take a Ticket per season

Take a Ticket calls on football fans to demonstrate their ball skills and coordination with the help of a computer or mobile phone. As an innovative, international banking group, UniCredit Bank Austria offers an interactive game that gives both customers and non-customers the exclusive opportunity to win coveted UEFA Champions League tickets.

The new Take a Ticket will give many more people the chance to win. Luís Figo, the former international professional footballer and now Official UniCredit ambassador for the UEFA Champions League, plays a key role in the new online game. The aim is to earn Champions Credits. The more, the better, because they increase one's chances of winning UEFA Champions League tickets in the drawing. People earn Champions Credits by skilfully controlling an animated version of Luis Figo and shooting down as many obstacles as possible with a ball.

Fifteen chances to participate in the drawing
In principle, the game is made up of two different modes of playing based on the real match days of the UEFA Champions League. The first mode of the online game is the training mode. This mode is online during the breaks between UEFA Champions League match days. The better players do in training mode, the more balls they have available in match day mode. Match day mode is the second mode of the online game Take a Ticket: On match days, online players have just one opportunity to shoot the balls they earned in training mode. At the end of the online match day, the player can select one of the subsequent UEFA Champions League matches to win tickets for. The best players on each of the match days get to participate in the drawing for UEFA Champions League tickets. This gives players 15 chances to take part in match day mode and therefore also in the drawing.

To increase their chances of winning tickets for the UEFA Champions League Final in Munich on 19 May 2012, players still have the opportunity to earn four badges: the High Score Badge, which the top 1,000 players in the overall ranking receive; the High Usage Badge, for playing at least 25 of the 30 levels; the Best Friend Badge, for inviting at least 25 friends via e-mail or Facebook; and the UniCredit Badge, for Bank Austria customers (for more information, visit the  "Take a Ticket"-Website).

Over 500 tickets won so far on Take a Ticket
Over 500 tickets have been given away each season over the past two years at  "Take a Ticket"-Website. The German-language Facebook fan page for Take a Ticket now has over 31,000 fans, and the Italian one has over 7,000. The online giveaway contest was redesigned by LAOLA1.tv and is now optimised for all current media. It still allows fans to play on the  "Take a Ticket"-Website, but now they can also demonstrate their skills on the Facebook app or on the free mobile phone app.

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Reproducible photos of Take a Ticket are available for download  here. Reproduction free of charge.

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