Bank Austria starts new SME offensive in Austria in 2011

  • The economic stimulus billion for SMEs in 2010 was well received: Loans amounting to more than EUR923m were granted to SMEs in 2010
  • New economic stimulus billion 2011 supports the upswing, SME Information Days throughout Austria offer comprehensive funding consulting services for SMEs
  • With a credit volume totaling EUR65.3bn, UniCredit Bank Austria is the largest loan provider in Austria (without CEE) by comparison of single banks in 2010, like in 2009
  • In total, EUR13.2bn of new loans could be granted at Bank Austria in Austria in 2010 (corresponding to an increase of 19.3 percent as compared to 2009)

"Small and medium-sized enterprises are the heart and the backbone of the Austrian economy," Rainer Hauser, Bank Austria board member responsible for private customers, small and medium-sized enterprises, stresses. "Therefore, we are launching a new SME offensive in 2011. Subsidized-funding consulting services for SMEs will be extended considerably, a new economic stimulus billion for SMEs supports the economic upswing and the SME Information Days throughout Austria offer comprehensive subsidized-funding consulting services for SMEs. With a study on the situation of SMEs in Austria with SME Research Austria, we are further stressing our increased SME expertise."

In 2010, Bank Austria could grant EUR923m of loans to SMEs and a total of EUR13.2bn of new loans. Thereby, it remains the largest loan provider in the country with a loan volume of EUR65.3bn in Austria, by comparison of single banks. Demand by SMEs currently focuses on securing financing of upcoming projects and respective consulting services. Subsidized loans can help implement important plans.

New organisation structure leads to revaluation of regions
The current SME offensive of Bank Austria thus is dedicated to funding consulting services again.  The targeted consulting services in the specialised SME branches of Bank Austria and during the SME Information Days in all Austrian states offer valuable know-how on subsidies for small and medium-sized enterprises. "Bank Austria has considerably extended its consulting services on subsidies and financing, which have always been strong, and offers comprehensive subsidized-funding consulting services free of charge throughout Austria," Rainer Hauser stresses. "With the beginning of 2011, our new organisation structure has been fully implemented, according to which enterprises up to a turnover of EUR50m receive consulting by the private customer, small and medium-sized enterprises division. The advantage of the new structure is that we consult small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Austria at nearly 60 branches – as compared to formerly 22, which is a clear revaluation of the regions."

At the SME Information Days 2011, which start in Styria on March 31 and are held in all other Austrian states afterwards, Bank Austria is also supported by numerous strong partners, including state government authorities, regional offices of the labour market service AMS, the Austrian economic service, the Chambers of Commerce of the states, subsidized-funding offices of the states, the association for the protection of creditors KSV 1870, the Österreichische Exportfonds, FactorBank, UniCredit Leasing and many more, which advise companies on financing and funding.

Making use of subsidies
"Today, we can answer to the specific needs of our customers in various regions in an even better way," Karl-Heinz Krenn, subsidies expert of Bank Austria and managing director of the loan associations of Vienna, Lower Austria and the Burgenland, says. "We intend to raise awareness for the many funding opportunities not made use of and the fact that a lot more projects are eligible for subsidized funding than companies usually expect."

As a service provider, Bank Austria intends to clear the way to these funds for companies. The Bank Austria advisors can readily provide information on ERP loans, the SME initiative of the European Investment Bank, AWS liabilities, OeKB securities and many other instruments. For SMEs, subsidized funding offers a lot of advantages, from a low requirement for outside financing to favourable loan conditions. It is decisive to find the right combination of financing and sponsored funding tailored to each customer.

The upcoming SME Information Days of Bank Austria
On  http://kmu-info-tag.bankaustria.at/, customers find detailed information about the upcoming SME Information Days and can make an appointment.

State Date Venue
Styria 31 March 2011 09.30-17.30 Bank Austria 8010 Graz Herrengasse 15
Burgenland 12 April 2011 09.30-17.00 Hotel Ohr 7000 Eisenstadt Ruster Straße 51
Upper Austria  28 April 2011 09.30-17.30 Bank Austria, 4020 Linz Hauptplatz 27
Salzburg  10 May 2011 09.30-17.30 Bank Austria 5020 Salzburg Rainerstraße 2
Carinthia  17 May 2011 09.30-17.30 Casineum 9220 Velden Am Corso 17
Vienna  26 May 2011 09.30-17.30 Bank Austria /
counter hall
1010 Vienna Schotteng. 6-8
Lower Austria  9 June 2011 09.30-17.30 Austria Trend Hotel Böck 2345 Brunn am Gebirge Wiener Straße 196
Tyrol  22 September 2011 09.30-17.30 Bank Austria 6020 Innsbruck Maria-Theresien-Straße 36
Vienna  6 October 2011 09.30-17.30 Bank Austria /
counter hall
1010 Vienna Schotteng. 6-8
Vorarlberg  19 October 2011 09.30-17.30 Bank Austria 6900 Bregenz Kornmarktplatz 2
Lower Austria 20 October 2011 09.30-17.30 WIFI Lower Austria 3100 St. Pölten Mariazeller Str. 97

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