Real Invest Austria continues its investment programme

  • Properties worth roughly EUR 35 million acquired
  • Residential and infrastructure as clear strategic focus
  • Further acquisitions in planning

Real Invest Austria, the flagship of Bank Austria Real Invest and market leader among Austria's domestic real estate funds, acquired new properties with a total value of some EUR 35 million over the past weeks. As of the end of June, Real Invest Austria's total fund asset volume already came to over EUR 1.6 billion, making it the uncontested number one on the market.

Gerhard Dreyer, spokesman for Bank Austria Real Invest's management, stated: “Our investment strategy with its focus on sustainable residential properties in combination with interesting infrastructure projects has been the only one of its kind for years. And we are always on the lookout for suitable properties to ensure that we can continue offering our investors the asset allocation policies that they have come to value us for. The properties we recently purchased are an ideal fit for our portfolio and of course meet the high quality standards of Real Invest Austria."

Clear strategic focus on residential properties and infrastructure
The most recent acquisitions have expanded the residential and infrastructure segment. The three new properties are located in Vienna. In the city's third district, the buildings Arsenal 12 and 15 were bought. Arsenal 12 has five full storeys, and its attic is to be converted into another storey as part of the renovation of the building. The historic environs around the former armoury create a unique and pleasant living atmosphere, and the building is one of the new highlights in the portfolio.

Parts of the Grundäckergasse residential development in Vienna's tenth district were also purchased. The property is currently undergoing rezoning. The fund is planning to expand its holdings in this area.

All acquisitions have good access to the public transportation system and fit in well with the existing holdings of Real Invest Austria.

“For us, our strategy of investing only in Austrian properties with a stable value so as to offer our investors low-risk, conservative investment opportunities is a distinctive mark of quality," said Dreyer.

Further investments planned
Real Invest Austria will remain the premier fund of Bank Austria Real Invest. To secure this position, plans are already in place to expand the portfolio further in 2011.

Dreyer: “We carefully consider every investment that we make. Every property that we add to our portfolio has to meet the stringent quality criteria of Real Invest Austria."

Real Invest Austria is number one
Real Invest Austria invests solely in Austrian real estate selected on the basis of a rock solid investment strategy. Roughly 63 per cent of the fund's assets are made up of stable residential properties and infrastructure such as schools and daycare centres, all with stable values. Real Invest Austria's shares have a nominal value of EUR 10, and the fund is the uncontested number one among retail Austrian real estate funds with a total volume of roughly EUR 1.603 billion and a market share of 61.84 per cent (source: VÖIG as of 31 May 2011). Bank Austria Real Invest is the real estate specialist of UniCredit Group's key Austrian subsidiary, Bank Austria.

Enquiries: Bank Austria Real Invest GmbH
 Gerhard Dreyer, Chairman of the Management Board, tel. 01/ 33171 ext. 75150

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