Performance of Bank Austria Wohnbaubank in the 2010 financial year

  • With a total issue volume of over EUR 4.7 billion, i.e. about one-third of all   Wohnbauanleihen (residential construction bonds) issued since 1994, Bank Austria Wohnbaubank maintained its role as Austrian market leader in the residential construction segment in the difficult financial year 2010.

Founded as a special-purpose bank in 1994, Bank Austria Wohnbaubank AG focuses exclusively on issuing residential construction bonds with tax benefits. It closed the 2010 financial year with a satisfactory result despite the fact that market conditions remained difficult.

While the issue volume of residential construction bonds in 2010 remained behind expectations with EUR 120 million, the total volume of outstanding bonds remained virtually unchanged at EUR 4.15 billion. Wohnbaubank again issued only fixed-interest residential construction bonds in 2010 to meet demand in this area.

The proceeds from Bank Austria Wohnbaubank bond issues are made available as special-purpose deposits, resulting in an investment volume of EUR 7.2 billion to date. These funds have been used to cofinance the construction or renovation of 98,000 housing units since Bank Austria Wohnbaubank commenced operations.

In 2010, total assets came to about EUR 4.26 billion, almost unchanged over the previous year. Operating profit amounted to approximately EUR 3.5 million.

Details of the current 2011 bond issue of Bank Austria Wohnbaubank AG:

2.875 – 4.50 % Stufenzins-WohnbauAnleihe 2011–2024/1 bond

ISIN:  AT000B074323
Volume:  up to EUR 50 million, with the possibility to increase this amount
Term:  13 years
Coupon:  Average 3.51 % p.a. if the investment is held to maturity
   1st-3rd year: 2.875 % p.a.   8th-9th year: 3.625 % p.a.
   4th-5th year: 3.125 % p.a. 10th-11th year: 3.875 % p.a.
   6th-7th year: 3.375 % p.a.  12th-13th year: 4.500 % p.a.
Coupon payments:  5 January of each year, with the first payment due on 5 January 2012
Initial offering  98.25% as of 30 March 2011
Redemption:  on 5 January 2024 at par value
Callable:  No
Denomination:  EUR 100 (minimum investment EUR 1,000)

A prospectus pursuant to Section 7 of the Austrian Capital Markets Act was published on 30 December 2010, and is available free of charge at the registered office of Bank Austria  Wohnbaubank AG, Lassallestrasse 1, A-1020 Vienna, Austria.

Enquiries: Bank Austria Media Relations Austria
 Matthias Raftl, tel. +43 (0)5 05 05 - 52809;
 e-mail: matthias.raftl@unicreditgroup.at

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