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Literaris 2010 Goes to Renata Šerelytė and Àkos Fodor

  • Bank Austria, KulturKontakt Austria, and Wieser Verlag present Winners of Eastern European Literature Award
  • Literary sponsorship award with the highest prize money
  • Boris Khersonsky receives Special Award

On Thursday, October 7, 2010, a joint press conference was held at the Frankfurt Book Fair to announce the winners of the Bank Austria Literaris 2010 award and present the (bilingual) books they published in Wieser Verlag's EditionZwei series. The winners of this year's award are:

PROSE (Main Award): Renata Šerelytė, Lithuania
POETRY:   Àkos Fodor, Hungary
Special Jury Award:  Boris Khersonsky, Ukraine

"Like in no other region, Literature in Eastern and Southeastern Europe has been reacting to a changing world for many years," said Anton Kolarik, Head of Identity & Communications at Bank Austria. "The imagination of creative freedom and the undaunted exploration of the new are just two of the hallmarks of this comparatively young scene. Bank Austria who, on the strength of its membership in the UniCredit Group, is the market leader in this region, recognizes its responsibility to support the integration of Central and Eastern Europe, guided by knowledge and sensitivity and on many levels."

In cooperation with the Wieser Verlag publishing house, Bank Austria and KulturKontakt Austria (KKA) established the Award for Eastern European Literature in 2006. Its prize money of 150,000 euros currently ranks as the highest among literary sponsorship awards. Comprising 16 Central and Eastern European countries, it provides a comrehensive overview of the literary works currently emerging from this region. It was staged for the third time this year.

The international jury comprised the following members: Dr. Susanne Scholl, Dr. Cornelius Hell, Dr. Jana Cvikova, Lojze Wieser und Annemarie Türk. The jury was chaired by György Dalos.

Award winners have been announced in the genres of both PROSE (main prize) and POETRY. Furthermore, eight grant recipients have been invited to take part in KKA's Writers in Residence Program (in in the context of which the winners will participate in a series of readings aimed at presenting them to a wider audience): Jana Benová, Slovakia; Adrian Chivu, Romania; Andrei Hvostov, Estonia; Inga Iwasiów, Poland; Sema Kaygusuz, Turkey; Judit Àgnes Kiss, Hungary; Aidas Marcenas, Lithuania; Goran Vojnovic, Slovenia.

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