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With the new arts award in four categories, Bank Austria is a leading sponsor of the Austrian cultural scene

The Bank Austria Arts Award 2010 is endowed with a total of EUR 218,000
Awards for innovative regional and international cultural projects, for conveying culture to the public and for outstanding achievements in arts journalismProminent jury made up of art experts, representatives of public institutions and Bank Austria

Bank Austria, one of the leading patrons of the arts in Austria, will begin its call for applications for the Bank Austria Arts Awards 2010 on 19 April 2010. The application deadline is 30 September 2010. A jury of experts will evaluate all of the cultural projects received by the deadline, and the results will be announced at an awards ceremony at the beginning of 2011.

“Bank Austria’s arts sponsoring has a long, honourable tradition. We hope to take an even more active approach to our cultural commitment by conferring these new arts awards. After all, we are aware that getting involved in the arts requires being open to new things and to change. It’s great that our contribution can help to bring about exciting projects that otherwise would not have materialised,” explained Willibald Cernko, CEO of Bank Austria. “I am especially pleased that we were able to round up a jury of prominent artists, renowned art experts as well as representatives of public institutions.” 

Expert jury to award creative cultural projects
In order to properly evaluate the wide array of projects that will be submitted for the individual awards, the prominent jury of experts is made up of representatives from very different fields of the arts. The jury members include Thomas Angyan, the director of the Vienna Musikverein; Sabine Breitwieser, the secretary of the International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art (CIMAM); Ingried Brugger, the director of the Bank Austria Kunstforum; Andrea Ecker, the head of the Arts Division of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture; Herbert Föttinger, the artistic director of the Theater in der Josefstadt; Robert Hink, the secretary general of the Austrian Association of Municipalities; and Thomas Weninger, the secretary general of the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns. Willibald Cernko, the CEO of Bank Austria, and Anton Kolarik, head of the Identity & Communications unit at Bank Austria are also members of the jury.

An overview of the individual arts awards
The awards will be conferred in four categories: best regional cultural initiative, best Austrian project that supports the internationalisation of Austrian artists, best project combining art and social aspects or conveying art to new target groups, and finally outstanding arts journalism.

Bank Austria Arts Award 2010 – Regional
The award is for EUR 70,000 and is aimed at Austrian cities and municipalities as well as regional cultural initiatives. With this new award, Bank Austria will provide even more direct funding to encourage and strengthen the regional arts scene in the future.

“In addition to this new award for regional cultural initiatives, we will of course also continue with our existing regional projects,” said Cernko. “After all, it is in the individual regions that we find a truly diverse, exciting cultural scene that thrives on great enthusiasm and creativity. And this is exactly what we hope to recognise and support.”

Bank Austria Arts Award 2010 – International
This award is also for EUR 70,000 and is conferred on Austrian cultural projects that support the internationalisation of Austrian artists and art initiatives. It is intended to strengthen Austria’s international position as a nation of culture.

Bank Austria Arts Award 2010 – Conveying art to the public
The call for applications for this award is targeted at projects from all fields of the arts that are specifically aimed at providing new perspectives and that produce an interplay between social and cultural issues. The award for EUR 70,000 will go to Austrian cultural projects that encourage an active examination of cultural issues among the general public. The goal is to break down barriers and allow as many people as possible to appreciate the world of art.

Bank Austria Arts Award 2010 – Arts journalism
This award is for excellent reports by Austrian arts journalists that succeed in providing information about the arts to as broad an audience as possible.  The EUR 8,000 award is for reports about Austrian arts projects appearing in print, online, on television and on the radio.

Enquiries: Bank Austria Press Office Austria  
Wolfgang Steinmann, tel. +43 (0)5 05 52803 ext. 2803;
E-mail: wolfgang.steinmann@unicreditgroup.at