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Real Invest Europe1 opens as from 21 December 2010

  • Revaluation of property portfolio complete
  • Commercial property in Stuttgart sold at market price

The suspension of the redemption and issue of Real Invest Europe fund units was lifted on 21 December 2010. Fund units can be purchased and sold from that date. The property fund has been opened on the basis of changes in the general environment.

Positive signals in Germany were used to sell a commercial property located in Stuttgart. The revaluation of the five properties in Germany, the Czech Republic and Croatia which are now held as fund assets has more or less confirmed the property values stated so far. This has an effect on the net asset value of Real Invest Europe, which rose by about 1.2 per cent 2 to EUR 73.22 for the distributing units (data as at 16 December).

The slightly positive valuation of the portfolio reflects the current situation in property markets, which have been affected by the crisis. From a current perspective, as the market environment will remain volatile, developments in Real Invest Europe’s target markets are rated as neutral for the coming reporting periods.

About Real Invest Europe
Real Invest Europe was launched in March 2007. Fund units are denominated in EUR 100. In March 2009, the redemption of fund units was temporarily suspended pursuant to Section 17 of the Austrian Real Estate Investment Fund Act (Immobilieninvestmentfondsgesetz).

Enquiries: Bank Austria Real Invest GmbH
Gerhard Dreyer, Chairman of the Management Board, tel. 0043 (0)1 33171 ext. 75150

1 The published complete and condensed prospectuses of the fund mentioned above as amended from time to time, including all amendments since initial publication (20 February 2007 in the Official Gazette of Wiener Zeitung), are available to interested readers free of charge in an electronic format on www.realinvest.at and at Bank Austria Real Invest Immobilien-Kapitalanlage GmbH, Lassallestrasse 5, A-1020 Vienna, Austria.

2 Past performance is not a reliable guide to the fund’s future performance

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