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New Bank Austria ErfolgsAnleihe bond with initial interest rate of 2 per cent p.a. and security for capital

The new six-year ErfolgsAnleihe bond offers a high initial interest rate and safety of the invested capital. For investors looking for a safe medium-term investment, Bank Austria has launched a new bond which guarantees repayment of the invested capital at maturity: the Fix-Floater-Anleihe 2010-2016/2 (fix floater bond) has a term of 6 years and the coupons are paid on a quarterly basis. An initial interest rate of 2 per cent p.a. in the first six months is assured with the first two coupons. Thereafter the interest rate will be adjusted on a quarterly basis to the interbank 3-month EURIBOR without a discount. The minimum investment is EUR 3,000 and the bonds are denominated in units of EUR 1,000.

Security for capital and interest
The interest due on the ErfolgsAnleihe bond is paid quarterly on a specified date. The minimum interest payable as from the latter six months is 1.75 per cent p.a, and the maximum rate was set at 4.5 per cent p.a. This enables investors to benefit from any rise in interest rates during the remaining term of the bond issue and from a guaranteed minimum interest rate of 1.75 per cent p.a. The capital is repaid at 100 per cent of the par value at the end of the term. The ErfolgsAnleihe bond can be sold at the prevailing market price if the money should be needed before maturity. Bank Austria is liable with its entire assets for the payment of interest and capital.

Please direct any inquiries to: 
Bank Austria Media Relations Austria
Matthias Raftl, tel. +43 (0) 50505 52809
e-mail: matthias.raftl@unicreditgroup.at
Details of the bond issue:

Fix-Floater-Anleihe 2010–2016/2 of UniCredit Bank Austria AG

ISIN:   AT000B041884
Offered:   from 5 July 2010, tap issue
Volume:   EUR 20 million 
Denomination:   EUR 1,000 (minimum investment: EUR 3,000)
Term:   6 years (value date: 5 July 2010, maturity 5 July 2016)
Coupon:   First six months: 2.00 % p.a., quarterly adjustments (on a calendar basis of 360 days), coupon on 5 October 2010 and 5 January 2011. In the latter six months and years 2 to 6, quarterly adjustments (on a calendar basis of 360 days): 3-month EURIBOR (as reported on  Reuters page EURIBOR01) without a discount, but a minimum 1.75 % p.a., maximum 4.5 % p.a.
Interest payments:   on 5 January, 5 April, 5 July and 5 October of each year, with the first payment due on 5 October 2010
Redemption:   on 5 July 2016 at 100 %
Callable:    No
Listing:   It is envisaged that the bond will be listed on the Third Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange (Wiener Börse)

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