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Bank Austria provides new ErfolgsAnleihe: a floater bond 2010 – 2015 series 6

Bank Austria provides new ErfolgsAnleihe: a floater bond 2010 – 2015 series 6

With Bank Austria's new ErfolgsAnleihe bond you will be able to secure interests which are adjusted regularly – with a reasonable term of five years. The interests will be adjusted to the 6-month-EURIBOR interbank rate without deduction at certain dates every six months, with the minimum interest rate being 1.5% p.a. 1)2) and the maximum interest rate being 4.25% p.a. 1)2).  You will thus be able to participate in a possible increase in the interest rate of up to 4.25% p.a. 1)2) on the one hand and on the other hand, you can count on a minimum interest rate of 1.5% p.a. 1)2) in any case. The interests will be paid at a fixed date every six months. The denomination is EUR1,000 and the minimum investment is EUR3,000.

Capital repayment will be made at 100% of the nominal value at the end of the term. If the investor requires their capital prematurely, they will be able to sell the bond at the then-valid market price 3).

For further inquiries: Bank Austria Press Office Austria
 Thore Dohse , Tel. +43 (0) 50505 - 52809
 E-Mail: thore.dohse @unicreditgroup.at

The issue in detail:

Floater bond 2010-2015 series 6
UniCredit Bank Austria AG's ErfolgsAnleihe

ISIN:  AT000B041801
Term:  5 years, (20th January 2010 until 20th January 2015)
Interest rates: 1) 2)  semi-annual adjustment two business days before the new interest period:    6-month-EURIBOR without deduction, but minimum of 1.5% p.a., 
    maximum of 4.25 % p.a.
Interest payment:  on 20th January and 20th July of each year, on 20th July 2010 for the first time
Denomination:  EUR1,000 (minimum volume EUR3,000)
Issue price:              investors can ask for the current issue price in their branch
Premature sale:     at the then-valid market price 3)
Repayment:  20th January 2015 at the nominal value
Termination:               excluded on the part of UniCredit Bank Austria AG and the creditors
Quotation:          to be applied for “in the third market” at the Vienna Stock Exchange
Kind of issue:         That bond is a permanent issue within the framework of the basis project on the portfolio programme of UniCredit Bank Austria AG on the issue of non-dividend values according to § 1paragraph 1 Z 4b Capital Market Act with capital guarantee.

1) Refers to the nominal value of 100%.
2) Minus 25 % CGT in private assets or 25 % corporate tax in corporate assets;
We would like to point out that the tax will depend on the investor's personal circumstances and that the figures mentioned are based on the valid legal situation which might be modified in the future.
3) The value of the bond might fluctuate during the term. The repayment of the floater bond 2010-2015 series 6 at the nominal value will be made according to the conditions at the repayment date. Premature sale is possible at the bond's then-valid market price which is influenced by the market interest level, the liquidity, the issuer's credit standing and by the principles of supply and demand. The investor might not receive the entire sum invested if the bond is not held until the end of the term; this will primarily apply if the investment is made for a short term only.

The available information is investment managing counselling or recommendation. In particular, the information is no offer or call for buying or selling the floater bond 2010-2015 series 6 but only basic information which cannot replace consulting with consideration of individual circumstances and the investor's knowledge. Each capital investment is connected with a risk. You will receive further information on the floater bond 2010-2015 series 6 from your personal banker. This information is no prospectus in terms of the Capital Market Act. Only the details of the published final conditions and the basis prospectus as of 16th February 2009 including any modification or completion are legally binding and relevant. The final conditions and the basis prospectus were published and are available on erfolgsanleihe.bankaustria.at as well as at UniCredit Bank Austria AG, Schottengasse 6–8, 1010 Vienna, and in the branches of UniCredit Bank Austria AG.

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