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Bank Austria ErfolgsAnleihe with capital security and starting with 2 per cent interest

The new ErfolgsAnleihe with a term of five years starts with a high interest and offers capital security. For investors intending to invest their money without nervousness and for a reasonable term, Bank Austria offers an obligation with capital security at maturity as from now: The Fix-Floater Obligation 2010-2015/1 has a term of five years and a denomination of EUR1,000. The minimum investment is EUR3,000. In the first half-year, interest of 2 per cent p. a. with the first coupon is guaranteed. The interest rate will be adjusted semi-annually to the six-month EURIBOR interbank rate with no deductions.

The interest earnings of the ErfolgsAnleihe will be paid out every six months on a fixed date. The minimum interest rate is 1.5 per cent p. a., the maximum interest rate was settled at 4.5 per cent p. a. Thereby, it is ensured that the investor will participate in a possible increase in interest for the remaining term, while an interest of at least 1.5 per cent is ensured in any case. Investors requiring their capital before maturity can sell their ErfolgsAnleihe at the current trading price. Bank Austria is liable with its capital for the payment of interest and capital.

Enquiries: Bank Austria Press Office Austria
 Matthias Raftl, Tel. +43 (0) 50505 – 52809
 E-Mail: matthias.raftl@unicreditgroup.at

Issue Data:

Fix-Floater Obligation 2010-2015/1 from UniCredit Bank Austria AG

 ISIN: AT000B041876
 Offer: as from May 25, 2010, continuous issue  
 Volume: EUR15m  
 Denomination: EUR1,000 (minimum volume EUR3,000)  
 Term : 5 years (25 May 2010 to 25 May 2015)
 Coupon: First half-year: 2.00 % p. a. from 25 May 2010 to 24 November 2010
 Second half-year and years 2 to 5 semi-annual adjustments two business days ahead of the new interest period: six-month EURIBOR (according to Reuters page EURIBOR01) without deductions, minimum: 1.5 % p. a., maximum: 4.5 % p.a.
 Interest payout: on 25 May and 25 November of each year, first payout on 25 November 2010  
 Redemption: 100 % on 25 May 2015  
Cancellation: Not possible   
 Listing: Third market on Vienna stock exchange designated