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Bank Austria Private Portfolio PREMIUM:
Structured asset advice made to measure

  • Innovative asset advice model for clients investing EUR 50,000 or more
  • Enhancement of the existing asset management structure combines a personalised investment strategy with in-depth advice
  • New type of flat-rate fee approach guarantees greater clarity and transparency

From today, Bank Austria is offering its private banking clients an innovative asset advice model in the shape of the Private Portfolio PREMIUM. Here, clients investing EUR 50,000 or more can match their investment strategy to their personal investment goals. The focus of the portfolio encompasses five investment approaches ranging from conservative (no shares or alternative investments) to progressive (up to 100% shares and alternative investments in the portfolio). The investment universe is international in its orientation and consists of investment and real estate funds designed exclusively for this purpose.

Jürgen Danzmayr, Member of the Management Board at Bank Austria with responsibility for Private Banking, comments: "We focus exclusively on the needs of our clients. With the new Private Portfolio PREMIUM, clients can for the first time benefit from the security and structure of an asset management mandate as well as the flexibility that comes with having a say in all matters. Our client always has the last word when an investment decision is made. He determines the individual weighting of the investment as part of one of the five approaches, or incorporates his own investment preferences."

Within the framework of the Private Portfolio PREMIUM, the Private Banking experts at Bank Austria monitor events on the market and make firm investment proposals to clients whenever their market assessment changes. "Our clients therefore have a major advantage: in addition to the professional support they receive from their advisor, they can also fine-tune their investments to suit their own personal requirements", says Jürgen Danzmayr. "To ensure that our clients have an overview of how their assets are performing at all times, they are invited to personal strategy meetings to check with the experts whether their current portfolio matches their investment objectives. In addition, all clients have access to a detailed online reporting tool containing information on the investment instruments that are used and on how they are performing."

The Private Portfolio PREMIUM will be the first to employ an innovative pricing system, whereby clients pay an annual flat-rate advisory fee. Jürgen Danzmayr stresses: "With this solution, we are responding to our clients' wishes for greater simplicity and transparency in how the advice they receive is priced. They can therefore regroup or reallocate their investments as often as they like without incurring additional costs."

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