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Bank Austria's Kreditverein: Backbone and partner of small and medium-sized companies for 100 years

  • 100 years of Kreditverein mean 100 years of supporting small and medium-sized companies
  • Bank Austria's Kreditverein Wien has been providing a broad portfolio of advisory, financing and service offers for Vienna's industry for 100 years
  • A large number of prominent people from both industry and politics participated in the ceremony with Bank Austria CEO Willibald Cernko in the Baroque Hall of the Old Town Hall in Vienna

On 10th July 1910, the local council decided to found a Kreditverein of Zentralsparkasse of the municipality of Vienna. Since then, the secret behind the success of Bank Austria's Kreditverein has been its close cooperation with interest groups and business people in (financial) advisory services for small and medium-sized companies since particularly in challenging times, companies require partners to rely on. The mayor and head of Vienna's provincial government, Michael Häupl, points at the importance of Bank Austria's Kreditverein for Vienna's industry, "Small and medium-sized companies are the backbone of Vienna's industry and make a considerable contribution to the town's innovative, creative and manifold potential. Bank Austria's Kreditverein secures affordable financing and intense advisory services, which is an important element of economic activity in Vienna and thus a relevant factor for the prosperous business location."

Bank Austria‘s Kreditverein, an important financing vehicle of Vienna's economy, has always managed to play a forward-looking role. The president of the Chamber of Commerce in Vienna, Brigitte Jank, emphasizes, "Innovative financing products have been and still are the basis for sustainable success at many companies. Bank Austria's Kreditverein has done pioneering work in that connection. Its both regional and superregional activity is very positive."

Bank Austria‘s Kreditverein is a centre of competence for support of and advisory services for small and medium-sized companies which has set up an effective network of experts over many years. "Among the current main activities are support advisory services as many companies show great demand for such services", Bank Austria CEO Willibald Cernko points out and adds, "The companies particularly benefit from the cooperation with our partners such as the Chamber of Commerce and public promotion bodies."

Deputy Mayor Michael Ludwig, town councillor responsible for housiAng, residential building and  urban renewal, as well as KR Paulus Stuller, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce in Vienna, were among those drinking with Willibald Cernko and the president of the supervisory board of Bank Austria's Kreditverein in Vienna, Franz Steinbacher, as well as with Karl-Heinz Krenn, managing director of the Kreditverein in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland, to the future success of Bank Austria's Kreditverein at the ceremony on the occasion of 100 years of Bank Austria's Kreditverein in the Old Town Hall in Vienna.

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Reproducible photos of the event are available for download  here. Reproduction free of charge.

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