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New series of stepped coupon mortgage bonds with interest rates rising to 3.5 per cent

Bank Austria is now offering security-oriented investors a new series of mortgage bonds with rising interest rates: The new series of stepped coupon mortgage bonds, 3,00 %–3,50 % Stufenzinspfandbrief-Reihe 109 / 2009–2015, has a term of six years and a denomination of EUR 100, with a minimum investment of EUR 2,500. The interest rate increases from 3.00 per cent to 3.50 per cent during the term; the average coupon is 3.188 per cent.

The mortgage bond series 3,00 %–3,50 % Stufenzinspfandbrief-Reihe 109 / 2009–2015 offers investors the chance to earn a dynamic coupon. In addition, it is eligible for trusts.

Press contact: 
Bank Austria Press Office Austria
Alexander Tröbinger, Tel. +43 (0)5 05 05 ext. 52809
E-mail: alexander.troebinger@unicreditgroup.at

Details about the Issue

3,00 %–3,50 % Stufenzinspfandbrief-Reihe 109 / 2009–2015

ISIN:  AT000B048392
Sale: from 20 March 2009, continuous issue
Volume: EUR 30 million with the option of issuing additional tranches
Denomination:  EUR 100 (minimum investment: EUR 2,500)
Term:  6 years
Coupon: 1st and 2nd years 3.00% p.a.
 3rd year   3.125% p.a.
 4th year   3.25% p.a.
 5th year   3.25% p.a.
 6th year   3.50% p.a.
 Average coupon of 3.188%
Interest payout:  on 23 March of each year, for the first time on 23 March 2010
Redemption:  on 23 March 2015 at the nominal value
Early redemption:  not possible
Listing: scheduled to be admitted to the official market of Wiener Börse

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