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Real Invest plans new investment property at
"Petrusgasse 1A, 1030 Vienna"

  • 26 top-quality flats for investment with floor spaces of 40 to 70m2
  • Excellent location, with superior infrastructure at Vienna-Landstraße
  • Good, long-term letting thanks to the reliable Real Invest rental pool
  • Full services for investors

Bank Austria Real Invest's latest investment property project Petrusgasse 1A at Vienna-Landstraße is a harmonious mix of excellent location, superior infrastructure and carefully conceived flat designs. This quiet residential area will soon be home to 26 top-notch retirement flats with useful floor spaces of up to 70m2. Situated between the City Centre and the Prater and Donaukanal recreation areas, the site features excellent amenities and connections to the public transport system thanks to its proximity to Landstraßer Hauptstraße. The metro stations at Kardinal-Nagl-Platz and Schlachthausgasse are just four minutes away by foot. A green oasis in the middle of the city: most of the flats feature parquet wood flooring and installed kitchens, and face the landscaped interior courtyard, with balconies or terraces. These investment flats are designed with modern floor plans and comply with the latest environmental requirements, thanks to energy-conserving building methods.

Gerhard Dreyer, management spokesman for Bank Austria Real Invest had the following comments: "In recent years, Real Invest has enjoyed great success with investment properties, and demand has been very strong. With this in mind, we decided to push forward with more intriguing projects in the downtown area. The new project in the Petrusgasse meets all the requirements for a high-quality retirement apartment building. The top-notch location with unbeatable infrastructure, and a well thought-out building design live up to Vienna's world-wide reputation as a city that offers great quality of life."

Universal services
Within the framework of the Real Invest Service Package, the experts at Bank Austria Real Invest are active during every phase of project implementation and offer a comfortable, universal range of services for investors. From selection of the location, the planning and design of the flats to monitoring the construction process: Bank Austria Real Invest supports purchasers every step of the way. The Service Package also include the contractual and administrative aspects, organising renting and house management services, and of course transfer of the rental incomes to the owners. Naturally, the necessary documentation for personal income taxes is also provided.

Regular income thanks to the tried and trusted rental pool
Bank Austria Real Invest's unique rental pool helps to ensure smooth, consistent rental income. Along with organisation of first-time and subsequent letting, commissioning the building management and tax services, it also includes coverage against total loss of rental income. Distribution of the rental income from the various contracts among the flat owners minimises the individual risk of vacancy and ensures a high rental level of around 98% thanks to uniform letting. Consequently, the average rental income is considerably higher than the comparable figures for the market.

A stable financial investment for your retirement
The investment properties offered by Bank Austria Real Invest offer safety-minded investors the opportunity to invest their money with a low level of risk, even in economically difficult periods. Purchase of a retirement apartment is registered in the land registry, and hence the asset is secured. Thanks to regular incomes from the indexed rental incomes the volatility of the overall portfolio is strongly reduced. Accordingly, investment apartments are ideally suited as a personal retirement option for safety-minded investors.

Gerhard Dreyer noted, "Investors value the universal services and the steady, robust rental incomes from Bank Austria Real Invest's tried and trusted rental pool. In economically unsettled times, many investors are interested in tangible assets, which will retain their value even in the face of the possible high inflation."

Real Invest – the specialist for investment properties
Bank Austria Real Invest has successfully realised 13 investment property projects with a total of 421 flats since 1998. Thanks to these many years of experience and strategies built on the company's all-around competence, these projects feature top-notch standards. Bank Austria Real Invest's properties have been a favourite with investors for many years, thanks to the average rental rate of approximately 98%, and the rental income generated by the Bank Austria Real Invest rental pool is substantially higher than comparable market values.

Enquiries: Bank Austria Real Invest GmbH
Gerhard Dreyer, head of management,
Tel. +43 (0)1 33171 - 75150

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