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Real Invest Austria – in an asset class of its own

  • Some 35,000 investors already place their trust in the undisputed market leader among Austrian real estate funds
  • Low risk thanks to unique asset allocation
  • Stable development of the assets under management

Real Invest Austria, the flagship of Bank Austria Real Invest, continues to impress investors with its unique market position among open real estate funds. The fund has over EUR 900 million under management and invests solely in Austrian properties. This allows investors to profit directly from the stable value of domestic real estate and the unflagging demand for premium properties. Bank Austria Real Invest is the real estate fund specialist of Bank Austria, a member of UniCredit Group.

According to Gerhard Dreyer, the spokesman for Bank Austria Real Invest’s management, “Some 35,000 satisfied customers prove that our investment strategy is the right one. Particularly in challenging times, investors rely on the stable value of low-risk investment products. Real Invest Austria is able to meet this demand by offering exceptional asset allocation, both in terms of the various use categories and the regional distribution of the properties included in the portfolio. The fund’s diversification reduces risks for investors and at the same time allows for stable performance.”

Ideal for small investors
The fund’s conservative approach is also highlighted by Real Invest Austria’s range of customers:
Around 92 per cent of the capital invested in Real Invest Austria comes from retail customers, with institutional investors making up only 8 per cent.

The large number of customers in the low-volume segment also shows that Real Invest Austria emphasises a specific diversification of its clients’ funds and that the market leader’s client base is made up almost completely of small investors: Nearly two-thirds of investors – some 65 per cent – have a sum of EUR 100,000 or less invested in the fund. Around 24 per cent of investors have between EUR 100,000 and EUR 500,000 invested. And a mere 10 per cent of investments in Real Invest Austria exceed EUR 500,000.

According to Dreyer, “The risk of surprising, large-scale capital outflows caused by institutional investors is very low. Real Invest Austria is a real estate fund both for and – as is shown by the current shareholder structure – by retail customers. These investors provide the fund with a sound capital base, allowing the fund’s managers to make their investment decisions based solely on professional criteria. In particular, the low denomination of EUR 10 has made Real Invest Austria the real estate fund for small investors.”

Regional diversification minimises risk
Real Invest Austria’s regional asset allocation is focused on Vienna, with over two-thirds of the fund’s properties located in the capital city. The remaining 30 per cent are spread out throughout Austria, with an important emphasis on the population centres in Salzburg, Linz, Innsbruck and Klagenfurt. Real Invest Austria also offers an impressive variety of use categories in its portfolio: Some 60 per cent of the properties contained in the fund are used for residential and infrastructure purposes. The premium residential properties are located almost exclusively in Vienna, and infrastructure properties such as schools, nursery schools and nursing homes are evenly distributed throughout Austria. Office and commercial properties are also widely distributed among the regions, although there is also a focus on Vienna in this category.

Stable performance amidst difficult conditions
Investors appreciate the fund’s unique asset allocation. Even amidst difficult conditions, Real Invest Austria has been able to impress its customers with stable performance and a constant inflow of funds. The assets under management have grown consistently in recent months and have passed the EUR 900 million mark in June 2009. As of 4 August 2009, Austria’s number one open real estate fund had assets under management amounting to EUR 958 million – a historical high. Real Invest Austria’s 56.9 per cent market share (Source: VÖIG; as of 30 June 2009) is an impressive illustration of its exceptional market position. Since its launch, the fund has generated an average annual performance of 4.09 per cent.

Enquiries: Bank Austria Real Invest GmbH
 Gerhard Dreyer, CEO, tel. +43 (0)1/33171 ext. 75150